Terminator: Dark Fate - Cause we need another one of these apparently.


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I do like the idea of making the new Terminator an 800 that can wear a 1000 that can also act on it's own.
Also Linda Hamilton coming out with the shotgun with the drum magazine was dope.

I'm not exactly sure what the hell this new terminator girl is supposed to be. I was hoping we'd see her endoskeleton and it'd be like Cameron from the TV show. It looks like based on dialogue she might be a cyborg reminiscent of Marcus Wright from Salvation, just not anything resembling an 800 and far more human than he was.

I gotta say, I'm kinda disappointed with her because if they had just made her, I dunno, an 800 or hell even an 850 it'd seem less special. I don't watch Terminator movies to watch some chick with superpowers because nanomachines son, I wanted to see another infiltrator model that went self aware and gave Skynet the middle finger or something in a similar vein.

After rewatching the trailer at bits where we can see damage, it kinda looks like she's an endo but she's got some sort of metal muscle under her skin or something like that. There isn't enough damage shown in the trailer to really be able to be sure.

I'm not against it as I thought I would be, but I'm still not entirely on board just yet.

Edit: Apparently she's a hybrid, so it is a cyborg thing but more akin to something like Deus Ex (This nano Augs that is.)
Which is stupid. Why couldn't they have just made her a fucking endo?

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Also while this thread is here, allow me to drop the ultimate franchise hot take

Terminator 1 is better than Terminator 2

While some of this opinion is due to my personal preference for the grittier, lo-fi, clunkier effects/audio/cinematography of 1, I argue that while Judgement Day is an absolutely fantastic movie which well deserves its accolades and acclaim, the theme of...

"friendly killer robot goes back in time to save a badass commando lady and her well trained son from an unfriendly killer robot...oh yeah and they also stop the apocalypse along the way and the robot discovers the meaning of humanity"
...is just nowhere near as effective as the theme of...

"desperate traumatised commando guy goes back in time to save an innocent lady who has no fucking idea whats happening from a killer robot that is utterly fucking unstoppable, and the only happy note of the bittersweet ending is that mankind now has a fighting chance after the inevitable apocalypse"
Which in my opinion makes the first movie have a fucktunne more tension and weight given how the odds are far more stacked against the protagonists. Sure the T-1000 in T2 was a far deadlier killer robot than the friendly T-800, but the fact of the matter remains that having a superstrong killer robot on team-protagonist will automatically tone down the tension and drama by a megaton.

Also I really like the horror/slasher aspect of the first movie, which is something T2 sadly lacked
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Oh FFS. Spare us a truck load of strong inderpendant wamenz.
Tbh it would have been amusing if the producers did a press tour announcing Sarah Connor was now "General Connor" and that for the first time in the franchise history she would finally be depicted as a true inspiration to wammen and girls instead of the meek helpless sex object she once was, only to have her do absolutely nothing in the movie other than sit around in a dress and look sad

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Why do they have to keep rehashing Skynet taking over? Terminator: Salvation wasn't great but it at least had the right idea by setting it post-apocalypse and having it be survivors vs. machines.

I'm only going to be mildly interested in another Terminator movie if it's the robot skellington war.
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