Terrible Picrew thread - Alternatively: Tumblrsona generators exist now.


it just goes on and on and on and on...
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Sylvie Paula Paula

He's wasting his life and killing his body

Badonkadonk Trash

yo yo negro pirates, the gang is on the loose
Here's Ryan, a goth mtf trans gay lesbian and devilkin who had fought for her rights by doing violence (whom she thinks is the answer). And she also has asperger's as well, because she sees normal stuff as shit. She watches Devilman Crybaby where she faps to her wholesome OTP being Akira and Ryo.

And here's Marron, a nonbinary he/him lesbian who thinks he's Galo Thymos (whom he keeps kinning on) from the movie Promare because if how queer and progressive it is because of that one scene with him doing CPR on Lio where he had belted out "GAY RIGHTS!" in the theater, which didn't get him into trouble at the time.
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Minxy the Jinx

Mental things is impor'ent
This is Heath, a pansexual non-binary woman who is part of Trump's Chosen People. She likes to think that she has vitiligo but it's just a discoloration on her leg. She's secretly a fujoshi and loves to play Otome Games and watch Ecchi Anime even though she pretends to dislike them so she could fit into the woke community.