Terrible Picrew thread - Alternatively: Tumblrsona generators exist now.


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I thought the scene kid trend died out once Myspace lost its popularity in favour of Facebook. But meet Quinnleigh:


Quinnleigh (fae pronouns only plz!) is an AFAB disabled enby furry who wants the world to know fae is queer, oppressed and won't be silenced. Faer self diagnosed illnesses include DID, EDS, autism, BPD and depression. Quinnleigh wishes faer mother would stop calling fae by faer deadname, Sarah, and misgendering faer.

And because this picrew is actually kind of cute if you ignore the uwu genderspecial cringe, I made the main character from a story I'm currently writing:


She's just a confused goth girl who doesn't know what the hell is going on with these made up genders and pronouns, just wants to enjoy her cookie, but wishes everyone a good day. :)


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This one was pretty bad, then it turned worse when I saw the amount of pride and other pins/flags you can put on yourself (most of them I don't even know). For example the one in the background is the otherkin pride flag and the other to I don't have to introduce. At least the avatar captures the essence of face I made while I was "playing" surprisingly well.


This was pretty boring, you don't have many options to choose from, except when it comes to pride flaaaags (but not as many as in the other one).


I doubt my commentary is needed here. The link is here.

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Just found this:

Just made my characters from this piece of crap.

This is Jillandra Phillece Carter, whose dead name is Vincent Carter, is a gay male to female transgender lesbian who thinks any cartoon with LGBTQ+ that were thrown in for brownie points is her safe space. She gets triggered over seeing the damn, dirty heterosexual representation in anything possible and creates call out posts to ban ANYTHING that's deemed to heterosexual for her life.


This is Rayie Viermann, Rayie's pronouns are xhe/xhem/xher/xhemself/xherself and very nonbinary. Rayie most definitely praises FerociouslySteph like a GOD because, xhe identifies xhemself as a deer and uses a fake prop sword on those who disrespect xher idol on Twitch.
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Damn. Dat anatomy.

If you try really hard you can make something somewhat sorta decent,

...but there's all kinds of problems, such as:

As you can see there is no d-pad for moving it into the correct place.

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