Terrible Picrew thread - Alternatively: Tumblrsona generators exist now.

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I found a rather decent Picrew maker

And I made a character from it too, so... introducing Shannon Karbunkle Hemmingway.

Shannon is at least 19 and a half years old and falsely claims herself to be a paraplegic minor who spends nothing but making crappy fancams, stanning K-Pop bands like Loona, BTS, Girl's Generation, gushing over yaoi, etc.. Her favorite shows to watch on Netflix is just nothing but Voltron: Legendary Defender, Kipo, Twelve Forever and, her all time favorite, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, but truly hates everything that Vivziepop creates like Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss, which triggers her to no end (because of how, in her words, VERY problematic, homophobic and racist it was despite the whole thing taking place in Hell). She also supports LGBTQ rights and Black Lives Matter and she tends to self harm herself when she gets cyberbullied.


I went browsing on the front pages of Picrew... boy was I in for a treat.


This one was so broken, I had to remove the background, which was covering the person. Starting to regret doing that because it's so fucking ugly and unprofessional, and it looks like an autistic child drew it. There's also no normal colored eyes. It's all rainbow vomit.

Anyways, I have a new character from it. Her name is Allison Jaime Dunford, but she goes by Egg because she identifies as a qUiRkY genderspecial who goes by they/them pronouns. Loud and snippy, she insists her parents are abusive because they had the nerve to discipline her as a teenager, and push her to look at getting a degree in anything but gender studies. Even though they allow her to stay in the house as an adult rent-free, and unemployed at that.


This one isn't even complete. Why would you publish it in the first place? I cringe at the thought of what the head is going to look like.


This one has an unappealing art style, too, provided you choose the uglier options. Something just looks off about the perspective in it.


Here's Egg again.

Badonkadonk Trash

yo yo negro pirates, the gang is on the loose
Just found this sweet Picrew that I discovered.

And I made my little character from it.

This is Rumi Kato, a self-proclaimed otaku and a genius on mathematics and science at school in Tokyo. She is secretly a sukeban and her teachers didn't notice her other side.

To avoid double posting, I found another one, and I made a decent character.

This is Natasha Peet, she's an asexual African-American who lives a fairly normal life in the suburbs and had little to no sexual experience on anyone... but she still had some friends that respect her.
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Badonkadonk Trash

yo yo negro pirates, the gang is on the loose
Found another decent one to make another character with.

This is Scarlette Sorbet, or Scar for short and formerly named Carrie Young. Scar's pronouns are literally fae/faer/faeself because Scar is a fairykin and absolutely refuses to use she/her/herself as faer preferred pronouns by her parents. She enjoys one too many rounds of going to the mall with her friends and beating up her parents for using her deadname and pronouns.