Terrifying music. - For the people who love to scare themselves at 3 AM listening to eerie melodies.


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What are some songs that utterly scare you shitless?

One of my absolute favourites is "Raider II" by Steven Wilson.

the first Four minutes are just creepy as shit. the slasher movie type piano riff, Steven's hideous singing, and even when the song "kicks in" it's eerie as shit. Fortunately you get a pretty cathartic metal section from 8 minutes to 12, but then the remaining 11 minutes are a combination of dark ambient, drone and a build-up thst founds like somebody losing their mind.

Worth noting too the song is about the BTK killer.

Anyways give me your choices. Gimme those sweet nightmares, baby.


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Theres some middle eastern or indian song that played during a death compilation i saw not too long ago and it made the video more creepy rather than gross


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This may be cliché, but EATOT is scary if you ever had anyone you know suffer from dementia. I knew a guy who's mom just stared at the sun until someone pulled her away, apparently she forgot to blink and almost blinded herself.


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Sorry for cheating.

But if you talk about songs specifically, then it's this one. The lyrics "will you be the same when this is over" send shivers down my spine every damn time I listen to it.


William Bennett and Maurizio Bianchi - Examples of Cannibalism

Spoken word (about cannibalism) over 1980s industrial soundscapes.

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Menacing as fuck.

Also, this is obligatory; I must include Ennio Morricone's very unsettling theme for The Thing, which somehow got a completely bullshit Razzie nomination.

And Jerry Goldsmith's incredibly eerie soundtrack for Omen, of course:

the Cannibal Holocaust OST is the first album to make me feel uneasy listening to it and enough to make me want to turn it off rather than let it play. But i believe thats because i have contextual knowledge for each track that plays and can reimagine parts of the film in a way. Terrifying film if you haven't watched it, definitely one of the more extreme horror films ever made



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A side not on the last one. Really the entire Silent Hill OST is amazing for spooky music and late night horror experiences. Almost every Silent Hill game has an entire playlist of tracks as strong as this one—hence why all those horror story time channels usually use music from the games in their videos.


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"Synergestic Perceptions" - Robert Rich and B. Lustmord

"Undulating Terrain"

Or indeed the whole Stalker album.

"Osorezan, The Mountain of Terror" - Geinoh Yamashirogumi