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Inactive Terry A. Davis / Terrence Andrew DavisCreator of TempleOS (formerly LoseThos)

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Dark Mirror Hole, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. I don't want to get off-topic but you don't seem to understand how incredibly complex NT is. Any idiot can slap a linux distro together overnight and Haiku is a fairly simple architecture that doesn't seem too concerned with hardware compatibility. I'm honestly impressed ReactOS got anywhere at all, if you pirate NT 4's leaked source and see how many thousands upon thousands of the gigabytes of files it has, and that only being the second version of NT ever released, it's got a fucking lot of work going into it. Not just that but re-implementing DirectX, Driver Foundation, and all the very carefully orchestrated Executive serves is a huge undertaking. And even then, they're going out of their way to implement a few things released in versions of Windows past their target version (MinWin's architecture, extra APIs, etc.)
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  2. I can't even really fathom that Herculean task. Just fuzzing applications and making a PoC takes me a lot of time. Taking the leaked source code of NT and using it to rebuild an OS is not the task any single person could do. There's just way too much going on.

    Terry "wisely" chose going Ring0. He gives the user total power to do anything they wish within that limited scope. Security doesn't exist in TempleOS. It is, by design, dangerous. Actually making TempleOS networked would be the greatest security nightmare, ever. Eternal Blue/Double Pulsar wouldn't hold a candle to a networked TempleOS. MS08-067 would look like a small pimple in comparison. Terry made his Temple for himself, Mister God, and the user.
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    #1742 He Who Points And Laughs, Sep 11, 2018
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    He Who Points And Laughs

    He Who Points And Laughs Flavortown Refugee

  3. Dear christ I never even thought about what would happen if TempleOS had networking, it probably is for the better that it doesn't.

    As a side note, people who have seen the leaked source are forbidden from contributing, ReactOS is extremely legally cautious. I was just using the leaked source as an example of how complex the OS architecture is.
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  4. /cow/ changed it's format on the board to honor him
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  5. I hope @The Temple is doing ok. He seemed pretty broken up by all this and people really ragged on him for no good reason during all of this.
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  6. Doesn't ShrineOs have networking?
  7. Yes, it's heretical. Full TCP/IP support, like MIT niggers use.

    God didn't say "640x480 with 16 colors and 65535 ports"
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    He Who Points And Laughs

    He Who Points And Laughs Flavortown Refugee

  8. I've seen a Discord client for it. This mildly pisses me off since there isn't a functional lightweight Discord client for normal OSes, and the official client is hot garbage.
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  9. Just a reminder there's an archive of a lot of Terry's livestreams and vids if you want to grab any.
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  10. Remembering Terry's woman troubles


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    #1750 deus et ursa, Sep 15, 2018
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    deus et ursa

    deus et ursa Has to see the pingpong balls

  11. Far more entertaining than anything on TV. Can't tell if insane or OD'd on Redpills.
    He Who Points And Laughs

    He Who Points And Laughs Flavortown Refugee

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  12. According to the description it's meant to be "A thorough collection of Terry A. Davis & TempleOS media."
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  13. It's an archive of the thread up to Page 30. It also features a lot of Terry's postings on various websites and people talking about Terry.
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