Careercow Terry Rose Christo / Theresa Christodoulopoulos / "Tara Gilesbie" - Pretendian, Claimed To Write My Immortal, Currently Writing Fanfic Of Own Life

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Polexia Aphrodisia

Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?
True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2016
Funny thing is, after reading the fanfic, I honestly do believe it was her, lmao. The use of the names "Tara" and "Raven" (the two characters she was crazy about in Teen Titans, a show she was crazy about) are just too far too large a coincidence for me, her sarcastic love of goth shit/Harry Potter shit after seeing the movie align with it well, and writing a satirical trash fanfiction like that really is something she would have done as the sardonic youth she was before she evolved into the melodramatic mess she is today.

I couldn't bring myself to care about the authorship aspect at the time of all this for obvious reasons. Regardless, perhaps it's just deserts that no one will believe her even if she did write it.
aw :(
ninth grade Polexia is so sad that her favorite bad fanfiction was written by a racefaking SJW lolcow and not just your bog-standard gothaboo hot topic-wannabe personal lolcow type.

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