Careercow Terry Rose Christo / Theresa Christodoulopoulos / "Tara Gilesbie" - Pretendian, Claimed To Write My Immortal, Currently Writing Fanfic Of Own Life

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I don't know any true and honest Red Indians who could call her out, alas.

Edit: A tumblr pointing out inconsistencies in the claim Tara = Terry. (Archived)

More inconsistencies. (Archived version)
Interesting! She claims her publisher verified the My Immortal claim via an old flash drive. I have no dog in this specific fight - it's the other half of her memoir I can comment on or contend.

I'll sit down and really read the fic today, but I don't expect anything compelling.

Phone posting once more. You guys have a lot more faith in the truth than I. If you think I should go about getting the truth out differently and have advice, I welcome it.

Man, I love this forum. In addition to the immeasurable laughs over the years, you've given me an ear in an erstwhile storm of bullshit. Thanks, guys.


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She also has a Twitter. (Older Archive as she's changed some of the info.) Haven't looked through it too much but this caught my eye. Take it with a grain of thought if it is the grandma but still a bit of an insight into their relationship.


Archive. Archive of lilyivey804.


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Is there any known information on whether she's been milking the My Immortal tugboat for cash? From what's been said, it seems like a possibility.

Also Hi Theresa!

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Hey, Terry. Whaddup, grill?

Is there any known information on whether she's been jerking off the My Immortal tugboat for cash? From what's been said, it seems like a possibility.
That is definitely what's happening, she wouldn't be selling a memoir about her supposed time in foster care that mentions a terribad fanfic in the title if she didn't know it would sell.

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I'm kind of interested to see if she ends up joining here, if just to either a) refute the claims or b)talk with her brother.
Speaking of, @DawnDusk, if you do end up having any direct contact with your sister, please let us know. No need to say the contents of any messages, but just letting us know she wants to talk with you is good enough.


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A very accurate start to the thread thus far, OP.

I'm phone posting at the moment but will answer pretty much any question you have about her. Hate to seem vengeful, but I really don't feel it's improper given the fictions about me which build her memoir...

There's so much cow-worthy stuff from her Tumblr alone I look forward to unpacking a bit for you all when I return home to my pc.

I believe it was you who asked about the child porn/familial history item. I'll also endeavor to answer that when I return home.

you said it before that she was a smart girl

would you say the Tara persona was an satirical exaggeration of her characteristics IRL?

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