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Dramacow Tess Fowler / Teresa Fowler / Tess Gutierrez / tessfowler7SJW Comic Artist, Scammer, Most Hated Woman in Comics

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by damian, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. Holy shit, this thread is fucking tragic. Manipulative thieving piece of shit.

    And her mediocre cookie cutter art sucks ass.
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    Chancroid Am sure your pussy is massive.

  2. So I just found this thread today. Never heard of this woman before in my life. And I've never interacted with her on social media.

    Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 3.09.05 PM.png
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  3. Wtf? Didn't I see something about some kind of pre-emptive bot blocking or did I imagine it? (I could not bear to read some of this stuff...it's not often I get that pissed off on the internet...but this fuck exhibits all the worst qualities of a pandering piece of shit who hides behind her ass-licking clique while she gets a free ride to trendy town.)
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    Chancroid Am sure your pussy is massive.

  4. Yep, there's a 3rd party list you can sign up for that auto blocks people on Twitter based on a feminist-curated list.
    It's why Steve Shives blocking everyone, including people he's never interacted with or even heard of, is a running gag.
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    Manly-Chicken Laughs at Tards

  5. I haven't been keeping up with Tess lately, let's see what she's up to. Ah, yes a excruciatingly long thread about art. You know what they say about those who teach...:
    https://twitter.com/TessFowler/status/1094429727270424576 http://archive.fo/KxqJW screencapture-twitter-TessFowler-status-1095045119428816896-2019-02-11-16_33_07.png
    TLDR - Basic advice and don't listen to people who don't give you asspats when your art sucks. Btw here's some of her latest "art":
    White people amirite? White people amirite? WHITE PEOPLE AMIRITE?:
    https://twitter.com/TessFowler/status/1095045119428816896 http://archive.fo/yTUlA
    She updates her block list on a monthly basis irrc.
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    damian Not *cough* Zack.
    True & Honest Fan

  6. That's fucking weak. So it makes perfect sense.

    Edit: Thanks for the run down.

    Edit 2: Lol those noses.

    oh and yes...WHITE MAN - BAD MAN!
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    Chancroid Am sure your pussy is massive.

  7. Is every last one of her characters an alcoholic? That's the only rational, logical explanation behind why they all have discolored red noses. Why do tumblr artists depict people like that? It's so fugly.

    The thing most people don't realize about art teachers is that they're A R T I S T S first and teachers second. From what I've heard of most art teachers anywhere someone talks about them, they're a joke. I've read about teachers sabotaging a student on purpose because they perceive them as competition rather than a pupil, doing shit like painting a big F over their work and never explaining why it deserves the grade, or the defacement beyond the thin claim that it'll toughen them up to rejection. Of course this information is coming from the mouths of A R T I S T S so it merits a grain of salt to go with the doubtless embellishment, who knows how much of it is really true, but there's no smoke without fire either.
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    #187 MarvinTheParanoidAndroid, Feb 11, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019

    MarvinTheParanoidAndroid This will all end in tears, I just know it.

  8. Are miscreants like Tess what people meant back in the 2000s when they were talking about fake geek girls?
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    AnotherForumUser Faceless message board drone, AnotherTrannyUser.

  9. Yes.
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    Jaimas American Shotgun Doggo
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  10. Off-topic, but Six Feet Under had a plotline where one of the characters went to art school, and it was one of the most scathing portrayals of art education possible while still being fair to the potential benefits. It certainly captured the mindset of certain artistic types, teachers and students, to an absolute T.

    Her big food shame is so qualified - 'don't hate me! I do this thing because of my upbringing not because it tastes good! And I'd never do it to anything of quality! O, if only I hadn't been raised white!' It's a virtue-signaling, food-related way to make fun of white people rather than herself, because she is still good and woke, it's just white people who are to blame. For everything. She's distancing herself so hard she's practically transracial.
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  11. FTFY
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  12. Yes, they were a dime a dozen on Myspace, I guess they all flocked to Twitter. One cesspool for another it seems. It's like watching rats go from one sinking boat to another.
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    Anonymus Fluhre

    Anonymus Fluhre No man fears what he has seen grow

  13. Aposematism.png
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    Jaimas American Shotgun Doggo
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