Tess Holliday / Ryann Maegen Hoven - Landwhale model, Body positive activist, and gigantic fraud


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So you might be wondering, who the hell is Tess Holliday? According to her Wikipedia page, Tess Holliday or Ryann Maegen Hoven, formerly also known as Tess Munster, is an American plus-size model and a body-positive activist, politically correct speak for landwhale and someone who is too lazy to exercise. But what makes her so special anyway?

In November 2014, she claims to have produced a series of T-shirts with the words, "Eff your body standards!" for $40 each, and claims that the proceeds will be donated to a Domestic Violence charity. Fans who bought the T-shirts realized that none of their T-shirts arrived, and after some digging, none of the money went to charity. When these fans asked Tess what happened, Tess, who ran her own page, did the most reasonable thing possible: she blocked them.
Butthurt fans later found out that sometime after the "EYBS" scandal, photos of Tess spending her holiday in Disneyland appeared in her own Facebook page, further angering them. Tess even went further to claim that she needed money for her gallstone surgery (protip: this is what you get for being a fat fuck guys). Besides the whole EYBS scam, Tess has been known to stalk her critics and being terrible in general, to the point that several photographers refused to work with her, and what caused Torrid, a plus-size clothing company, to sever ties with her

Source: http://ageofshitlords.com/tess-hollidaymunster-is-a-shitty-person-and-heres-why/

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tess_Holliday
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TessHollidayOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tess_Holliday/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tessholliday/
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I remember this girl. She's very ironic because even though she bases her whole career around fighting society's beauty standards, she uses ridiculous amounts of Photoshop and makeup to hide the fact that she's hideous. Apparently (shockingly) she's also a narcissistic bitch to other models as well. And has cellulite that you could lose your phone in.
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Oh, man, I've heard of this hambeast.

I actually just checked her Instagram and, you know... It's weird that someone who supports HAES goes to the gym. I mean, because exercising would mean that she's trying to lose weight, and that would be against everything she stands for!

Also apparently she's pregnant? Yeah, I couldn't tell, either. I don't know what sort of person would stick their dick in that... frankly I'm surprised it's physically possible.

But to play Devil's Advocate, apparently she did donate 1k to some domestic violence charity, according to her Wikipedia. Although I question the validity of a lot of the information on her Wikipedia page. And also her retroactively donating 1k to a domestic violence charity doesn't change the fact that she did, in fact, lie about where the money was going for her stupid shirts in the first place, since it's common knowledge she squandered those funds on a trip to Disneyworld.