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Oh fucking yeah, I just wanna see people turn into trucks and shit.

Transformation Fetish is one of thise 'innocent' things that turn a lot of kids into huge spergs and fetishtists. TF just simply never goes away due to the amount of content and support from other.

Here. A horse tf in as realistic detail as possible.


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This really is an interesting fetish and it seems to have a lot of different arms stretching into a lot of different directions. Looking around, there are a couple different discussion boards that mention this. - Psychforums topic on it - an arhcive of old transformation discussion

Also, there is an ED on this shit

This fetish is also VERY active on Reddit Review below

This is where it starts getting weirder though. There is a subculture within this fetish that seeks to create centaurs, which are people with a body similar to a horse.

Here is an archive of the old boytaur community

The fapfic is pretty telling in his part of the Tranformation community.
I cleared my throat. "May I suggest, gentlemen, that we adjourn to some more private location?"

Jayce looked up. "That's your idea of subtlety?"

"No, that's my way of inviting you two to bed."

"Well, why didn't you say so?" laughed Jayce as he and Calvin suddenly advanced on me, practically scooping me up between them, my four legs splaying every which way, as they carried me on eight enthusiastically stumbling legs back up to Jayce's apartment, Calvin's transmogrifier ray tumbling forgotten to the pavement behind us.

A short time later, Alex and Rob, just walking back from the beach, found it lying on the sidewalk. "What's this?" asked Alex, bending over to pick it up, his damp shorts clinging to his sculpted ass.

Rob, entranced by the sight, replied inattentively. "Dunno."

Alex turned back around, showing Rob his vast, bulging chest and meticulously carved washboard abs. "Gotcha!" he cried, firing the plastic gun.

Rob, jolted out of his reverie on Alex's body, leaped forward on his four legs, tackling Alex with his own gym-sculpted body and wresting away the gun with an equally bulging arm. "Payback!" he growled cheerfully, firing at Alex, then pausing suddenly, entranced now by the sight of Alex's four-legged swim shorts clinging damply to his muscular hind ass, four bare feet leaving wet prints on the concrete.

Alex grinned back at Rob, no less enchanted. "Let's get back," he said, "before my hind hardon busts out the front of my shorts!"

Rob abandoned the transmogrifier ray instantly, leaping forward again on his four legs as Alex dodged away, no less quick quick on his four feet, and they jogged, and tackled, and dodged all the way home before finally entangling all eight of their legs just inside their front door.

Only ten minutes later, Carson was reaching down to pick up the plastic gun.

"What's this...?"

So is the imagery.

Mario-to-Charizard is a breathtaking fetish

This has been a plague in the black community for decades.
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That last panel, that looks like the face of a Charizard wondering what the hell happened to his life.

Anyways, I was wondering when this topic was going to show up, because this reminded me of something. Anyone remember (or even better, know) about Turbo Teen?

Well I think this is a good as a time as to bring this up, but it apparently has its own fandom.
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