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19 pages and we haven’t talked about the literature? My god we need some discussion on the literature bc it can get wierd and grammatically incorrect.
It was near the end of the 2018.
Maybe most of peoplen have New Year wish.
Me? Uh... Become him.
You know, it sounds like crazy, but really.
I prayed for this every year, but we know, it can’t happen.

「2018. 12. 31, 11:00 pm」

Only 1 hour left until New Year.
I watched TV normally.


When 1 minute count started, I prepared for pray.

‘This time... please...’

3, 2, 1...


Bell started rang. (33 times)

I felt tingling when bell started rang.

“Why I felt tingling?”

But this was the start of ‘miracle’.

I felt my body got bigger with gained muscles.
My hands, arms, feet, legs also got bigger.
My breast and hip shrunk.
My body curves became straight.
Body hair grew on my skin.
My face got more masculine, lips got smaller and nose got bigger.
My brown eyes became blue.
My black hair became brown and shorter.
My glasses disappeared.
Instead, I gained white bandana thing on my head.

Then I realized something grew out from crotch.

“...I’m a male now...?”

My voice also changed to man’s voice.

Clothes started to change.
My red shirt became blue sleeveless shirt(?) and got longer.
It had white buttons on it and brown thing(?) inside.
It’s side tore.
A brown belt thing appeared on the shirt.
It had small sword(?) thing on left side and the ‘Vampire Killer’(I knew it) on right side.
Gray fabric thing(Maybe) appeared on my left wrist.
Long, brown glove thing appeared on my right hand.
My black pants became white.
Dark brown boots appeared on my feet.

Transformation was over.

I looked into a mirror.

Richter Belmont?

“I-is this real?! My wish became true!”

I can’t believe this, but this is true! (link to prove I didn’t shit it out of my ass, and even if it did, I’d at least know grammar)
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