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Sep 2, 2013
This thread will be a collection point for any future streams to reduce clutter. I think I might just update this first post as things change, we'll see.

Right now he's planning on streaming on the following dates:
Friday 9/12 from 5pm-8pm eastern; playing Sims 3. As I type this, he hasn't even installed the game :stupid:.
Obamatron: Doing a little hacking, are we?
The Golden Knight: Seems that way.
The Golden Knight: It's a fun game, I'll say
Obamatron: Is that game any good?
The Golden Knight: It's very different. It's good if you like the feeling of being a geek. :biggrin:
Obamatron: Heh, I'll check it out.
The Golden Knight: You'd have to be a fan of that vibe (or really looking for obscure games) to buy it at 10. If it were sold at 5, it's a must-buy!
Obamatron: Gonna check out the demo, thanks.
Obamatron: So, have you tested Sims 3 yet?
The Golden Knight: Not quite, although I know my computer well enough to know the results: Playing by myself will be smooth, but streaming will show considerable lag.
Obamatron: Well, good luck. Are you going to roleplay?
The Golden Knight: I'll sure as heck try! ;)
Obamatron: Sounds good!
The Golden Knight: I'm just not sure how I implement that into a video game stream.
Obamatron: Try to have a character that you can really get into.
The Golden Knight: I see...Well, with all the "options" that won't be a problem.
Obamatron: Give us a running commentary on what they're thinking.
The Golden Knight: Oh ho ho!
Obamatron: Try to engage with your audience.
The Golden Knight: And maybe even feature them in-game, if I could go one better.
Obamatron: Yeah, put some of them around the neighbourhood. I'd do that before hand though.
The Golden Knight: Well, it's hard for me to see into the future *that* clearly. :P
The Golden Knight: Plus, it'll take time for the game to install.
Obamatron: Well, you could make some of the regulars when you get a chance.
The Golden Knight: Sure.
Obamatron: You should hold off on making your character though. We want you to walk us through that part so we can see whats on your mind.
The Golden Knight: OHH! Boy, that'll be fun! I love giving people a peek into my BRAINS!
Obamatron: BRAINSSS
The Golden Knight: Besides, I was going to not touch the game until showtime, so I'm as fresh as can be.
Obamatron: Remember, you're the star we want to see.
The Golden Knight: Ya!
The Golden Knight: Boy, this'll be fun!
The Golden Knight: Until then, can you please excuse me so I can get back to my hacker fantasy?
Obamatron: Sure thing. Bye.
The Golden Knight: Thanks! Talk to you later!
Saturday 9/13 from 12:30pm 6:30pm east to godbear knows when; playing star wars.
hypersilverpaladin will also be streaming on friday from 7pm eastern sometime soon, for those who would be interested.
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Jul 11, 2014
I think Minecraft. He may have rescheduled.

Yeah, it got rescheduled due to overtime at work. I guess not all of us get to mooch off of our parents and play vidya in a McMansion all day. *sigh*

Hope there's enough material for a highlight reel, at least! Would hate to miss all of the "epic epicness."

Jackie Chin

The Man, the Myth, the Legend
Sep 7, 2013
I didn't know Silver Paladin was a streamer. Does he stream his own content or Gk related things?


Jul 1, 2014
Creepy comment of the stream right here folks.


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Feb 23, 2013
3:41 PM - Allie: inb4 she rejects the kiss
*Amanda Sim rejects Jay Sim's kiss*
3:41 PM - Allie: LOl
3:41 PM - Allie: LOL
3:41 PM - Allie: LOL
3:41 PM - Allie: LOL
3:41 PM - Allie: LOL
3:41 PM - Allie: LOL
3:41 PM - Allie: LOL
3:41 PM - Dorknado: PRANKED
3:41 PM - Allie: LOL
3:41 PM - Allie: LLO
3:41 PM - Dorknado: PRANKED
3:41 PM - Allie: OMG
3:41 PM - Allie: LOL
3:41 PM - Dorknado: P[RAMNLE
3:41 PM - Dorknado: PRANKED
3:41 PM - Dorknado: PRANKED
3:42 PM - Allie: hahahaha
3:42 PM - Allie: HAHAHAHAH
3:41 PM - Dorknado: hahahaha
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