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Ruined my favorite copypasta
Carl Benjamin said:
See this is what I mean about KiwiFarms right? You are acting like a bunch of @Niggernerds, just so you know? You act like niggerfaggot trannies! The way you describe tranfriends of mine is the impression I get dealing with the website I secretly lurk! I'm not saying you're cyberbullying me! Look, maybe you're just acting like a niggertranny mate? Have you considered that? Do you think jews act like this? jews are supposed to be polite and respectful to one another, and you guys cant even act like jews. This is genuinely amazing to me.

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Maybe something more just fucking wierd then? I was on a Dreamcast piracy forum many MANY long years ago where all curse words were filtered to 'wibbledepoop'. It made for some very surreal postings.