Thanksgiving 2020 and the anus of a man named Trent -


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Hello everyone. Today is honestly actually Thanskgiving, in the USA. November 26 2020. 11-26-2020. A lot of people are having anal sex right now.

11-26-2020 Thursday 11:00 AM Trent wakes up. "Hell yeah time for some Turkey Hahahhaha YES!" Trent screams. He goes into the Kitchen and sees Mr Magenta.

"WHAT THE MOTHER FUCKING FUCK!" Trent screams at the top of his lungs in a angry manner.

"What?" Mr Magenta says in a confused manner.

"Where the hell is the Turkey!" Trent screams. "Oh. I decided not to do that this year." Mr Magenta says. "WHAT? WHY THE HELL NOT!" Trent screams.

"Because I am from Australia so I don't celebrate Thanksgiving." Mr Magenta says. Trent quickly punches Mr Magenta directly in the face. "AHHH!" Mr Magenta screams. Trent jump kicks Mr Magenta then grabs a ashtray off the coffe table and smashes it over Mr Magentas head shattering the glass.

Thats when William walks into the room. "What is going on in here?" William says. Trent quickly pulls out his pistol and shoots William three times in the chest killing him he falls to the floor.

"LOOK AT WHAT YOU MADE ME DO MOTHER FUCKERRRRR!!!!!" Trent screams and pistol whips Mr Magenta. "Look, Trent, we can just go to Imachavels house and eat Turkey dinner with him and his family. You can still have some Turkey today." Mr Magenta says. "I hope for your sake that you are right." Trent says.

Mr Magenta and Trent go outside and get into the car. Mr Magenta slams on the gas pedal and they just fly all the way there. They go and Trent starts pounding on Imachavels front door as hard and as loud as possible. "Why is he not opening the door?" Trent says and pulls out his cell phone and calls Imachavel. "Hello?" Imachavel says as he awnsers. "Me and Mr Magenta are outside open the god damn door!" Trent says. "Im sorry Trent, but I am only having Thanksgiving dinner with my wife and 20 year old son today. I'm not having anyone else over today." Imachavel says. "YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!" Trent screams and hangs up. "What he says?" Mr Magenta asks. "he is not letting us in." Trent says. Mr Magenta angerly walks back to the car. He pops open the trunk and pulls his sawed off shotgun out of the trunk. "Fuck that shit." Mr Magenta says. Mr Magenta walks to the door and quickly kicks down the door. "WHERE IS THE TURKEY MOTHER FUCKER!" Mr magenta screams as he and Trent walk inside. They see Imchavel his wife and his 20 year old son sitting at the dinner table with a Turkey on table. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOME!" Imachavels wife screams. Mr Magenta quickly blasts her in the face with his sawed off shotgun. "AHHHHH!" Imachavel son screams and grabs a carving knife off the table and then gets up and charges towards mr Magenta with the knife but Trent quickly shoots him three times in the chest he falls to the ground dead at Mr Magentas feet. "NOOOO!" Imachavel screams. Trent quickly pistol whips Imachavel. Trent gets him in a head lock. "Mr Magenta go to the car and get the rope out of the trunk he need to tie this mother fucker up to the chair so we can all sit at the table and enjoy some Turkey this Thanskgiving" Trent says. Mr Magenta goes outside and gets the rope he gives it to Trent, Trent ties Imachavel to the chair.

Trent Mr Magenta and imachavel they are all sitting at the table. Imachavels wife she is sitting in a chair slumped over dead blood everywhere. "Okay, we are all fine right now everything is fine we are all enjoying ourselves we are havig a good thanksgiving dinner right now with some Turkey." Trent explains.


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I read it as "slumped over, dead blood everywhere," and I'm now committed to using the term "dead blood" to describe gore.

My mental image of Trent as a healer of our times, offering his anus to soothe the raging lusts of men with penises everywhere has been sadly shattered this day.

Usually the story ends with some sort of happy sexually violent ending where someone is holding a gun to Trent's head raping him in the ass. Why would a man usually so happy to just get penises rammed up his ass at gunpoint suddenly feel the need to go to someones house and tie him up after shooting his wife and kid just to have some Turkey?

It this what Thanksgiving is all about? Violence?

This story to me represents laziness. Trent and Mr Magenta could have easily just driven to the store early before it closed and bought a Turkey and cooked it. Instead they were so focused on getting high and apparently buying weapons when the two dumb ass lazy niggas realised they did not buy a Turkey to cook instead of just going and buying one they drive to someones house on a family day and murder his wife and kid then eat his Turkey.

What the fuck is this lazy country coming to? Absolutely just horrible in all ethical manner

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"WHAT THE MOTHER FUCKING FUCK!" Trent screams at the top of his lungs in a angry manner.

"What?" Mr Magenta says in a confused manner.

Yeah, I share Mr Magenta's sense of mystification.