That Metal Thread -


You knew it was coming. The thread dedicated to the discussion of all things Heavy and Metal.

Discuss the different subgenres, history, and level of loudness of the greatest genre of music that has ever graced the universe, HEAVY METAL.

Talk about concert experiences, and various forms of media that have incorporated metal into them, although every form of media will inevitably be about metal, because metal is pure and unforgiving, and consumes all in its path.

Also, here's a GIF of Tom Araya headbanging. Go nuts.
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I was at paganfest 4 this year, loved every moment of it. waiting anxiously for paganfest 5 to start. I am heavy into folk/pagan metal, here are a bunch that I can get from youtube.

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Lol, this thread has teh gay now.

Edit, woops no more BIEBERFEVER


I love me some metal. Don't have any favorite sub genres, really. Any Metalocalypse fans in here?


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Since Christmas is around the corner:

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I really got into listening to metal a few years ago, but I've had to lay off since I've had kids.

But some of my favorites are Megadeth, Rammstein, Metallica, Judas Priest, GWAR, Kalmah, Lordi, Children of Bodom and Exodus. I also used to be a huge Cradle of Filth fan until I saw them live. Then I realized that it was pretty much a midget in faux leather screaming about Satan. Fortunately, GWAR had done a set right before them, so the night wasn't a total bust. AUGH YEAH
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