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You can also give Magma a listen. It's their most accessible album (although not their best) then ease your way through the rest of the discography by following @Judge Holden's advice.
While Magma might not be Gojira's best album, it's still pretty dope in my opinion; it feels like they figured out what they want to do with their music and Magma's just a transition album. There's also the emotional aspect of the album as Joe and Mario's mother passed away while they were working on it.

And yeah, From Mars to Sirius is a wonderful album. I recommend to listen it in one go, so you can really vibe with the ambience of it
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Has anyone scoped out any local band stuff before? I found some neat stuff from my state like this death/thrash demo.

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Belzebubs uploaded a new music video. These guys are a black metal group that are very tongue in cheek with their music videos.

So i got a ticket for Wacken, if any other Kiwi is there, Im the person in front with the loincloth(i dont fuckn care while at a festival and it will be hot as hell) or the guy with Barrel of Applewine on the campground. You are welcome to join, but be aware im there with a group of heavy drinkers and we will not be okay with you not drinking like us.
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