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I don't know if there's much love here for drone metal guys like Sunn O))) here, but My Wall is just one of the most impressive songs I've ever heard, both musically and lyrically. The guy doing the vocals is a British guy by the name of Julian Cope, a rock musician with a massive interest in the history of ancient Britain, which features heavily in the lyrics. I know the song is 25 minutes long but the lyrics are only there for the first 12 or so minutes, and it's one hell of a listen.
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My favorite metal band last year or so.
I like thrash, black metal, and weird avant-garde shit; but for the most part I'm more of a grind guy.


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I'm mostly into instrumental stuff:
(relatively) LIGHT
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Ayyo I love me so metal. Gonna edit this post in a few hours with some KILLLER MULTIMEDIA.

Edit: Okay some tunes for everyone. Hope you enjoy.

Great tune from the Faceless's older album, Planetary Duality.
Chon: Metal for people who don't like metal.
The Black Dahlia Murder. Classic feels music from summer of 2004
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