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Yep...THAT "villainous" Heather!! favorite Tokusatsu... Let me think about this one...

My favorite Super Sentai are pretty limited because I haven't really been able to see them all, but I would have to say:

  • GaoRanger: I loved how they told the story they told where the Rangers came from Jurassic Times, instead of Modern Times and that Bandora was actually much more eviler than Rita ever was! She almost killed children, when Scorpina and Goldar had a baby, (yes, a baby!) Bandora enjoyed making it cry.... GaoRanger was much more darker than Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through and through!
  • Shinkenger
  • GoKaiger
My favorite Magical Girl Sentai was Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon!

I didn't know about PGSM until just about 8 years ago. I grew up watching the DIC Dubs before school when they first appeared on the Fox Kids Block, then Fox Family Channel, then it switched to after school on Toonami! I was so depressed when they didn't bring Sailor Stars to the States! I also grew up collecting and reading the Mangas!

I watched the Subbed versions of PGSM on YouTube and LOVED IT!!! They followed the exact storyline slightly but instead of Mamoru being turned evil by Queen Beryl, it was Ami Mizuno who was turned evil by Nephlite. And they wrote out Minako Aino by having her die of Cancer.

Now onto American Tokusatsu:

I loved Power Rangers from day one when it started in 1993 when I was 11 years old.

What I loved about it was that it allowed a relationship to develop between Tommy and Kimberly. During the 90s it was hard to find a kids show where they let the characters develop relationships like Power Rangers.

I thought that the first season was just plain hokey but then they brought in Lord Zedd! That guy terrified me when I first saw him, but the storylines got better and better with time!

My favorite storylines of MMPR were:

  • The Green Ranger Saga
  • The Green Ranger changing into the White Ranger
  • Changing of the Zords
  • The storyline where Lord Zedd kidnapped Kimberly to drain her Pink Ranger Powers
  • Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers changing to Ninja Rangers
  • Ninja Rangers changing to Zeo Rangers
My favorite American Tokusatsu were:

  • Power Rangers
  • Big Bad Beetleborgs (yes, I know they were hokey!!)
  • Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
  • VR Troopers
  • Ninja Turtles: The New Mutation
My favorite Power Rangers Seasons were:

Fox Kids Block:
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Mighty Morphin Ninja Rangers
  • Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
  • Power Rangers: Zeo
  • Power Rangers: Turbo
  • Power Rangers In Space
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  • Power Rangers SPD
  • Power Rangers Time Force
The Disney Era:

  • Power Rangers Wild Force
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  • Power Rangers Mystic Force
Then I lost interest because to me the seasons were getting pretty derivative but I gained interest when Nickelodeon bought the rights.

I watched most of Power Rangers Samurai because it followed Shinkenger pretty closely and I wanted to see what the Ranger Princess would be like.

I didn't watch most of Megaforce except for the episode where the previous seasons' Rangers showed up (The episode was pretty much disappointing though...)

The new seasons that Nickelodeon produced after that have been pretty disappointing so I haven't been watching them really. They just don't have the same feel as Mighty Morphin up to Mystic Force had!

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Alt-forms bois

Also people are theorizing that Zi-O is a chick because the suit has a larger chest.
eeeeeeeeh, i am not a big fan of this design. i can kinda of get what they going for, but hosently Ex-Aid and Build spoiled me by having good designs and being good shows on top of it. I won't judge too hard since I was iffy about Ex-Aid at first(and I fucking love that show.) but man that belt arm band combo look like ass. I just pry it doesn't end up being shit.


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I refuse to believe that Build isn't a metal hero show.

Also the parts of Zi-O that have Decade show up are pretty fun where he's like "yeah whatever my show now bitch"