The Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea - The Mags Vissagio story.


Gay Space Communist Jesus
THE ADVENTURES OF KIM IL SUNG AND BEST KOREA is the comic I made which made me think "Oh I could make comic books" (How accurate that is I will let you decide) and is the reason Mags Vissagio blocked me on Twitter.

Here are four pages. If enough people like it I'll drop the rest.






Gay Space Communist Jesus
post more.

Is the frame of the border from JSA?
There's a few more chapters to go yet Comrade.

:cryblood::cryblood:I did not need to see the baby eating picture

This is good though. Keep it up. Would definitely be banned on reddit
Mmm. Delicious baby meat. Damn thise evil South Korean rebel terrorists.

A fine comic by today's standards, though the art looks traced...
I'll have you know the Supreme leader drew all these photos by hand.

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