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What's that Plank? They're hiding in the library?
I'm pretty sure TJ is going to go to hell, not for not believing in God, but generally for being a fucked up person and not having any redeemable traits at all. You'd think he'd stress the importance of morality in general and understand some of the fallacious things surrounding the relationship between morality and religion, but no, not really.
You can't stress the importance of something you don't believe in. He doesn't believe in there being any sort of objective morality. He believes that it is up to a person themselves to define what is morally right and wrong, with empathy being an important guiding factor in preventing bad things from being done.

The problem with that though is that TJ has no concept of empathy himself. He's struggled with placing himself in other peoples shoes or understanding why people might care about something. Unless it effects him personally, he doesn't seem to care at all. The DaddyOFive drama was a perfect example of this.


What's that Plank? They're hiding in the library?
Back when the DaddyOFive scandal was really making headlines after Emma and Cody got taken away, it was covered on Drunken Peasants. TJ didn't really seem to care at all, not understanding why people are upset about what was happening. When fans tried to tell him why they were upset in the stream chat, he gets all huffy and throws a temper tantrum calling it a lynch mob and an example of coddle culture.

After the show he continues to try and downplay it, which doesn't go well.

This leads to him having a massive meltdown on Twitter over the drama.
Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 4.50.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 4.49.50 PM.png

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He eventually concedes because he claims he didn't want to examine his own upbringing and confront the fact that his father was genuinely a bad person.
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Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 4.51.18 PM.png

Of course he didn't learn from the experience. A few weeks later on DP they cover a video of a kid being recklessly belittled by his principal in front of his entire school. He reacts to that poorly, which caused an uproar in the DP fandom. Not too long after that he makes fun of Barron Trump for supposedly being upset over the Kathy Griffin photo. Again, backlash ensues.


Shows such a profound lack of self-awareness. I mean, his whole life is a catalog of him abusing and mistreating other people. The cannibalism story, defending Atheism-is-Unstoppable, his countless scams, just to name a few.

Although you bringing this up reminds me of something that I think a lot of people following him have failed to examine in real depth: the influence of Teej's father.

His father is someone that TJ looked up to and cared about greatly. When he died, TJ was deeply upset and I think it's not entirely inaccurate to point to that moment in his life when he started going down the route of being a generally cynical, close-minded asshole of a person. He models himself very heavily after his father, by his own admission. I remember in one of his earlier "books" he wrote about how he just held onto anger and doesn't try to let go. At one point, he says:

My father was an angry man, and it's part of what killed him.
I don't claim to know exactly what's going on in his head, but if I had to guess, I think he never fully accepted that his father was just a shit person. Doing so would mean admitting that he himself is one. Now, people might say he's mellowed out due to the drugs and to age, and that may be true, but it doesn't change how he's never fully let go of his anger; he's just learned to channel it differently. Before, he would go on cringey tirades on camera. Now, he just picks fights with people on Twitter.


What's that Plank? They're hiding in the library?
I wanted to see this tweet with my own eyes. Turns out it was just one in an entire spergout on the subject he had on Thursday.
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What I love best about this exchange is that it demonstrates TJ does have self-awareness, and that he uses it as a shield against serious critique of himself. He displays a sense of understanding that what he's saying is inane. And that there's a bit of hypocrisy in it. But he plays into it because he thinks his fans will laugh at it.
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Pirate King
TJ is going to make a video on how that Cuties movie on Netflix is absolutely fine, talk about outrage culture and movie censorship and then go on to point out the "hypocrisy" of right-wingers and centrists criticizing the left for cancel culture and then being against softcore cp on Netflix.
I am 95% sure this is going to happen so I'm posting my prediction here.

Illiterate Wanderer
Would anyone be surprised if Teej actually did try to justify that shit? And he'd probably get into an online fight with Sargon, who's been the most vocal about Nonceflix.

I'd break out the :popcorn: if that happened.
Sure if you mean maybe a twitter spat, but TJ might not even recognize what accounts are and aren't Sargon's alts.