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The Amberlynn Reid Show Supporting CastBecause, like any giant planet, she has a lot of orbiters.

Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by Broken Pussy, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. I doubt that. Most of Dustin's family lives in Florida, so it's possible they'll be married there. Also, I don't see Amber being able to travel to Florida when trips to Walmart are difficult these days.
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    Toxoplasmosis I have scare in my eyes

  2. I dont see them even making it to a wedding lmao
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    xenomorph I've got more demons where that came from.


  3. This one is from a few days ago but I'm doing my Christian duty and giving the details so nobody has to watch it.
    • Open on Eric gibbering in the car about how they're going to the doctor's. Eric's hairstyle of the day is "can I speak to the manager" or possibly a small wicker basket upended on his head at a jaunty angle
    • Extremely dull exposition about their exciting schedule and poorly recreated Vine memes
    • Mothers lock up your daughters:
    note the lip gloss gorls
    • Eric talks over Rickie constantly

    • Cut to Bath and Body Works. The fags need more candles because their house smells like yeast, grease and regret
    • Eric jibbers away in astonishment about how the products smell like the thing they're meant to smell like
    • Eric calls some fat shop bitch "evil" and then mocks her; apparently he knows these people but he's blushing very hard in this sequence so who knows what the fuck is happening

    • Cut to the fruits in the fruit section
    • FORTY-ONE SECONDS of talking about avocado firmness
    • Rickie got prescribed "mobic" and doctor talk somehow leads back to even more avocado discourse
    • Rickie says, verbatim, "will you help me pick these up" and Eric responds by turning the camera on himself, saying Rickie is making "some avocado chicken thing or whatever" and mocking Rickie's speech while not helping him. If you don't believe me, it's at 4:36.
    "What, me help?"
    • Back at the ranch. Eric shows us the fabulous overpriced products for upper middle white trash women that he spent Rickie's money on today. This segment lasts far longer than the viewer's interest does
    • The fags are dieting at the moment; I wonder who owns this?
    Optivia approved!
    • Eric talks about the busy day using "our" and "we" to describe all the driving Rickie did and all the money Rickie had to spend
    • Rickie talks about his shoulder pain, with which he is still working full time and not complaining. Eric can relate since his minor gallbladder surgery a few months ago was so crippling that he hasn't worked since*
    • "We" (Rickie) is about to cook the chicken dish involving the avocados that Eric supervised selection of
    • Rickie kisses the roadkill on Eric's head

    *since 2012
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    #2943 Strine, Feb 12, 2019
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    Strine Give me the bones!


  4. Yahuah praise you for the reportage <3
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    I liek fr0gs

    I liek fr0gs Amberlynn's Leggings

  5. I thought she said she was on clonidine instead of lisinopril. I could be wrong.
    Rafe's real name is Sarah. She likes to use the name Rafe which was inspired from by a character in some book.
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    #2945 Ellana, Feb 12, 2019
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    Ellana speariodically autistic

  6. Rafe is also supposedly not the Sarah that had her dirty panties shown to the world by Mumbles and Useless on that video he posted.
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  7. Damn Ricky looks like Steve Bueskemi.

    He needs to divorce Eric stat though; he is such an entitled cunt for doing nothing in his what 28 years of existence.
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  8. They are an exceptional looking crew. I don’t mean that in a mean way (yes I do), but they each are very uniquely interesting to look at.
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  9. Rickie is the best looking one of the bunch, but I'm not sure if that's because when I look at the rest of them I literally see slugs or if he's objectively good or average looking.
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  10. @Strine , wow I thought ricky and eric were the better half of amber and becky.

    But really they are just as toxic. I think Rickie is the only good one and he needs to find his own place asap, cuz noone in that house is appreciating him.

    I wonder what he sees in Eric?
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    Fandom Trash

    Fandom Trash Just your typical tumblr trash

  11. Maybe Eric gives really good head, though even good sex couldn't keep a sane person with that leech.
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    PuckishRogue I'M GONNA FUCK SKYRIM

  12. I suspect Ricky thinks this (Eric) is the best he deserves.
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  13. They've been together since high school, so I bet a lot of it is just momentum. Maybe the dating pool in the area isn't great, he's used to Eric at this point and figures things aren't so bad that he'd rather be alone. Eric used to work, so it's not like he was always this useless.

    Same reasons a ton of people stay in mediocre relationships. You remember how great things were, you care about the person, and the gradual decline creeps up on you.
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    Birthday Dickpunch

    Birthday Dickpunch hugs pls \(ouo)/
    True & Honest Fan

  14. I would definitely feel some type of way if I worked a 9-5 while my S.O. Sat home playing video games and watching tv.
    It would be fine if they had kids, but they have none, so go do something with your life.
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    Masta Flaming Faggot

  15. Rafe and her wife Hannah are old friends of Becky, apparently even having a throuple at one time. When Amber moved into Chez Gay, they all used to hang out a lot. Rafe would live-stream with Amber and be generally entertaining. It was also speculated that Amber fancied Rafe.
    It later transpired that Rafe had laughed at Amber behind her back with Eric about her being a fatty and eating all the pasta, and Eric snitched. They fell out and Rafe went on younow to spill tea on Amber. Rafe also looked after Ambers cats when Amber first moved in with Becky and during the drama where Amber wouldn’t get rarity spayed, weighed in saying how Amber is generally a shit pet owner and Rafe raised funds to get Rarity fixed as she was spraying all over the house. Amber countered by saying Rafe kept the cats in her basement which was apparently mouldy and this made the cats sick. She made Becky drive to Rafes at 3am in a storm to get the cats and then still took months to get Rarity fixed.
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    Mega Blooper

    Mega Blooper a girl and her demons

  16. Just a small correction. Rafe was the one who claimed Amber kept Rarity in the moldy basement.

    To expand on that: When Amber moved in with Becky, she took Rarity and Twinkie with her and left Wasabi with Rafe and Hannah.

    According to all of them, Amber was afraid the landlord wouldn't allow her animals in the house, so she hid Rarity in the basement (Rafe, IIRC, said Rarity was kept there, while Amber said she only put Rarity in the basement one day when the landlord was coming over).
    Regardless of the truth, Rarity ended up at Rafe's place.
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  17. Rickie and Eric seem happy enough together to me. It's a fool's errand to try to figure out why a specific couple is together; many dynamics within a couple are invisible to outsiders, but they are there. Neither are geniuses, both seem friendly, they both love candles... Seems legit.

    I also don't think it is accurate to characterize Eric as a freeloader anymore (although "lazy sack of shit" is still applicable). His subscription count and view count has been creeping up: every month, AdSense is sending him more money than the month before. Assuming Rickie or Amberlynn or a combination thereof is picking up his slack for the rent, Eric probably is making enough money to pay for his own candles now, and many of his other incidental living expenses. As every month goes by, he gets a little lighter on Rickie's wallet, which is probably making things more pleasant for both.

    At the pace his viewership is growing, by the end of the year Eric should be getting close to being able to support himself completely, if not cover his share of the rent. Maybe that's when they'll decide to finally flee the nest? It will happen at some point; they don't have a lifetime commitment to Amberlynn, and roommate situations are transitory by definition. The bad news for Eric, though, is once he flies the nest, nobody will watch his videos anymore and the pocket money will dry up.

    Becky is the most freeloading member of the house, which is ironic because (unbeknownst to her) she actually is in a seat of power, with Amberlynn's fate in her fat paws. I assume Amberlynn foots all her expenses, as if Becky were her butler. The boys probably handle their finances separately from the girls.

    It is somewhat appalling that in this brave new world it is possible to make money doing absolutely nothing but being a dummy, but I guess there's no point in fretting about that.
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    Dutch Courage

    Dutch Courage Curious Onlooker

  18. Dana and Destiny got engaged

    (I just screenshotted the video and posted it, I’m not sure how to archive stuff on my phone yet or if this even warrants archiving so forgive me plz )
    (And it turns out I’m late :( sorry ya’ll)

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    Verbatim Goalz Gorl

    Verbatim Goalz Gorl Healthy Just Big

  19. Who knows or who cares?

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