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in all honesty, good on dad for not using Amber's uterine decomposition as a way to leech off of her like her chainmail-spreading, Bible-thumping mother. I'm sure he's a smug piece of shit but at least he's not latching onto his long-lost daughter now that she has a life-threatening condition just so he can suckle some coins and buy a few dime bags of meth. Time will tell if he decides to make contact, but as others said psycho FB users are probably spamming him with messages and he hasn't made his move yet.


It cracks me up when I see people saying how pretty she is. I always wanted to ask "are you fuckin blind? Did the prescription on your glasses run out?"
LMAO people actually say she’s pretty? Standards have become extinct it seems. I guess uglies call fellow uglies attractive in the hopes that it will alter society’s perspective and in turn, make them seem less ugly to the world. But nope, sorry, you’re all still hideous. And fat.


admitted to having cancer symptoms for years

admits she’s always hungry

told us all to choke
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this needs to go into the "Big Al's Epitaph" thread on a headstone "didn't beat cancer, didn't rise to the top (6 feet under)"

she could have still lost weight if the cancer spread and is in the later stages? maybe in the beginning she gained weight. i don't know. I think her mom there is helping now though because she doesn't want to binge in front of her mom like she admitted she binges in front of Becky.

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That would be my guess, too: she isn't eating her usual portion sizes (for her) in front of her mother. It's one of the reasons I'm waiting for the post-MamaMeth Era to begin.
I'm guessing she has adopted a completley new bullshit "personality" around her mom. As you said, part of that is surely a misrepresentation of her actual eating habits.

I bet the thumb is so confused and messed up right now that she just lummoxs down into the basement and drinks away the bad feelings while watching cartoons.