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What the fuck's a washing machine doing in a pub?
Cole is Dana’s nephew. He is the son of her sister Dioni Hansel. Why is he there? How long will he be there for? Does he need help? Does this necessitate a CPS intervention? I don’t know. I’m just here for the show!
Maybe he was removed from the sister and placed with Dana temporarily?

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Cole's step dad, Danny Lee Hansel was convicted in 2019 for trafficking meth, so I can't blame the kid for wanting to spend his time with DnD. At the very least, they're not methheads.

That dude's 39 years old?! Life comes at you fast, I guess.
Meth ages the shit out of you. There's several then and now collages of mug shots of the same person arrested for meth out on the internet. They are frightening, actually. From pretty young girl to toothless skank in just the matter of a few years. Same with the men.


that’s not what i meant, i meant if she has any contact with her father such as visits or social calls then it wouldn’t be safe for her to have a child with her while that happens.
I don't think they're very close in proximity. They live in KY, but hours away. In the video announcing D&D's move back to KY (on their channel, I think the title is something like carseat unboxing), they talk about how far her family is from where they're moving, and something about Dana's brother living with her family and not having custody time with his daughter who lives in the area where D&D are now living. They mentioned some dream of getting a 2br so he could live with them and they could help him get on his feet and he could have custodial time.

In any case, the kid is no more at risk from being preyed on by Dana's dad as he would have been living with Dana's sister (assuming they're full siblings).

D&D might not be able to keep a pet alive, but I think they'd be decent guardians of a 12 year old boy. Destiny was always watchful and helpful with ambers wounds and things, if that's anything to go by.

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WTF fuck is going on with Dana's chin? It's like some kind of discolored/grey blob attached to the rest of her face. I've seen this in other deathfats as well - like a Slaton forehead but on the chin area. I can't stop staring at it.


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It's also extremely on brand for podunk Appalachia: people are either human skeletons or they weigh 400 pounds. There's very little in between.
Nah. Most people in Appalachia are good, hard working people who aren't overweight or skeletons. Especially the older/ middle generations. Just average sized people who work their asses off to get what little they have.