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Seems like the opposite to me, actually. If this person is genuinely asexual, then they get no joy out of someone else raising the kid. And they also aren't fucking the woman, and the kid isn't his, it's the husband's.

So the wife wins, and because she's got some sort of non-sexual guy to pay attention to her, her husband also wins because he gets a fairly stable household with less chance of divorce or cheating.

The only one who wins nothing is the guy who basically babysits a kid and takes a girl clothes shopping for nothing. But I mean...I guess simps have to cope somehow.
Maybe I'm reading this wrong but it sounds like the asexual Jay is the biological father:
Maybe, Jay thought, he could apply that creativity to the project of building a family—a permanent one—on his terms. Today, Jay is part of a three-parent family in northern California. He lives with a married couple, Avary Kent and Zeke Hausfather, and is not part of their marriage, but is a father to their biological daughter, Octavia, or Tavi, whose full name includes all three of their last names.


Ay up mi cow




Her "partner" is Telecaster68, a married 52 year old closeted faggot, alcoholic and sex addict.

EDIT: More COVID sperging. The ex here is also a closeted faggot.



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Ay up mi cow

Here someone complains about AVEN being too explicit and catering to sexuals too much and gets the expected response.

These sexuals the OP is refering to are people whose sex lives are so laughable the only place they can get the shocked reactions the average person gets among average people is by shoving them in the faces of people who are either kids, have a sex trauma or are so repulsed by sex they dont even want to hear about it.

Thoughts? Imo these people are a much more milkable breed of lolcow than asexuals but its hard to pin them down to a label. Sex pests? The sexuals of AVEN? They have a lot in common with the lolcows here.

While with asexuals you get at most an angry reaction and some tumblr drama because they are just kids, these ppl are mostly adults with an explosive cocktail of mental illness, eating disorders, and a complete lack of understanding of social norms.

The way some of these ppl are enabled, sometimes AVEN just feels like a den of latent, closeted pedophiles.

Un fucking beliveable. This crazy bitch has literally harrassed the person in question by spamming his threads and then PM'ed (even though he never engaged with her privately) how she liked "men to shoot their loads on [her] boobs", and then edited back her messages. The guy she is talking about said none of those things she is accusing him of.
That remark on kiddie porn? I put my money on she has actually having done that.

A textbook case of BPD. I reckon she actually believes the things she says.







And again. She's literally rubbing it in everyone's faces.



I bet that's how his other mistress feels too lmao. Enjoy your cringy phone sex.

Just when you think AVEN mods can't get any stupider.





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Ay up mi cow


From the ToS
Blatant abuse of proxy, dynamic, or otherwise hidden IP addresses (collectively known as proxy IP addresses) will not be tolerated. Proxy IP addresses are used to hide the identity of the poster. This is done by many spambots, trolls, and sock puppet accounts.


We had fun, didn't we?
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How many times in a row are you going to keep posting in this thread without any responses before you realize that nobody fucking cares?

Your posts are boring and they suck. I merged four posts together with a notification to telling you not to quadruple post and you post again without getting any responses.

Please tell me why anybody should care about any of what you post before I threadban you for shitting up a thread that was better off left dead.


Ay up mi cow
I know this thread is pretty much dead but, some feathers were ruffled and some shit might be about to go down. Putting this here and bumping.
Nigga, all you do is harrass people.

Aven is on high alert rn because their pet lolcow thinks she is going to have a thread here and is on damage control. They are actively hunting down accounts they believe to be trolls and stalkers (there's a good chance they already banned a few). Cbc is keeping herself from posting and made her social media private so I can only imagine how pissed off she must be.

The mods seem to be watching her profile constantly too.

Anyway, have fun. I've never seen her this worried and she's been pissing people off for nearly a decade.

Edit: here's an archive of her insanity.

Edit2: i predict a blowup soon. Shitposting on aven is her oxygen. She cant go long without it.

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