The Awful Creepypasta Thread - just in time for Halloween!

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I hate Ben Drowned with a passion, not only it popularized the "cursed game creepypasta" subgenre, it was for a time, during it's peak in popularity, completely unavoidable, if you liked Majora's Mask, and liked to talk about the game in imageboards or internet forums, you couldn't escape it, sooner or later someone would spam the hell of that creepypasta, fuck your favorite side-quest, fuck your favorite dungeon, your favorite boss battle, lets shitpost Ben Drowned and derail the discussion again, the worst part about it, is that there was a lot of people who pretty much refused to play the game thanks to that creepypasta and its autistic fans, that behavior made Majora's Mask look like some cheap and edgy 2Dark4U game
I somewhat agree, but there's a pretty fascinating arg behind it. Here's a long ass, but good video about it

Too bad people ripped it off it's concepts to death.


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Usually this guy narrates some pretty cool ones, but this one was... lame.

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The story in the OP is literally

Why do you think I decided to open with it?

it's also a glurgey ad for the Church of Satan, shocker
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Oh boy! Here are some of mine.

I haven't been able to find this one anywhere except MrCreepyPasta's channel, but it's utter shit - horribly written and doesn't even attempt to be scary until the very end and even then it fails:

Someone wrote a sequel to Candle Cove which is dross.

Although it's popular, I actually think Anansi's Goatman story is incredibly badly written and tries way too hard.

I also don't like the creepypastas that just jump right into the scary. A slow build up is a lot more effective. This is a particularly bad example:

And with this one, I guess they were trying to be funny, but they failed miserably and just wrote a stupid, dull story:

I'm going to repeat the call that most video game pastas are terrible. The only reason they're popular is because they're formulaic and play to nostalgia.
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And the scary part is..?

I had a much more hilariously bad one to post, but it was hosted on Crappypasta. For those of you that don't know, it was run by the same people as Creepypasta, where all of the rejected submissions were uploaded. It was a goldmine chock-full of stories even worse than sonic.exe, but recently some douche bought it and made it redirect to his how-to-get-rich-quick site. He's started reuploading crappypastas there (without any of the authors' permission) at a snail's pace, and he's even fucking editing them to make them less sloppily written. He's missed the whole fucking point of the site. This asshole legitimately think's he's doing the site a favor.
Also, how the fuck has nobody posted "The McDonalds Building" yet? it's the best thing ever. Beats "day of all blood" in a landslide.
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