The Awful Fursuit Thread - Viewer beware, you're in for a scare!

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Those bodysuits are generally tailored to the body that wears them. It's why duct tape dummies are pretty much a standard requirement among fursuit makers. There's a lot of hot mess going on in those pictures, but the second picture looks more like a problem of trying to pull off a digitigrade drop crotch corgi than anything else.

In general, fursuiters who are serious about that much padding, and have bank, will shop around for someone who can accomplish it with good aesthetic and lightweight, removable materials, so they can wash their fucking fursuit.
My friend.... We regret to inform you they are/were selling her and she was not a commission. The polyfill is removable though.


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I had to check none of these were minors first








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I know how much you guys love unwashed, unbrushed fursuits so I was pretty delighted when I found this. I also like the extremely square face, george washington hairstyle, fivehead, and how the beak appears to be hot glued on.
images removed over hosting concerns--it was th bird guy from zelda breath of the wild
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