The Awful Fursuit Thread - Viewer beware, you're in for a scare!


im intersex i have both uwu
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Why do they make the ears so disproportionately huge?
Furry ear rubbing fetish and/or uwu its coot uwu. Furries have been squeeing about oversized ears for as long as I can remember.

The length and width aren't all that's really the sheer mass of them that's the problem. Why are they so bulky? Imagine trying to move your head around with these things attached. That has to be really awkward.


Now with churro flavored soda
You'd think since he'd only have to pay for 2/3's of a suit he'd do it, then wrap his stumps from knee to thigh in gauze and make it part of the persona. A HEAD AND HANDS ARE NOT A SUIT YOU LAZY MOTHERFUCKERS
He had a fullsuit before he had to get his legs chopped, those are just the part he can use now.
Control your diabetes, kids.
In that case, it's apparently due to smoking for 30 years or so, if we believe him.
Seriously, this is more sad than anything.


Furry weebs
Decided to brave Twitter seeing as May is con season.








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In that case, it's apparently due to smoking for 30 years or so, if we believe him.
Seriously, this is more sad than anything.
Well hopefully they can turn this into an anti-smoking campaign.

"I smoked for 30 years. Now I wear a fursuit and I ain't got no legs."

You can quit. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW
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Was this meant to be a photoshoot for kemono or something? Lol all but two of them are so far removed from kemono you start to wonder what kemono has turned into. A mess of shitty makers.

Nice to see Apes (the yellow lion with the red hair) has gotten even fatter and even uglier since the last time i saw photos of that suit
Is it me or does their head look really tiny? Or are they just that really fat and it makes the head small? They don't understand proportions.

The third from the left looks like... I don't know what the fuck it looks like.

The fourth is just... Somebody wearing a mouse head?

The blue one doesn't look terrible. But again, proportions.

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