Joshua Wise & Stephen Boyd The Bad Beginning

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Apr 26, 2017
I'm still stunned by Chris's gullibility. Saying "You are a pedo!" a few times is all it takes for him to believe it.

Also these two assholes are immensely cruel. I've seen my share of cons take place, even a few who left the victim dead so this is nothing new for me but the way they knit RPing and scamming together just for gifts and cheap lulz is cringy and sickening. You can tell they're having the time of their lives by torturing Chris.

Feb 9, 2018
18/04/09 4:12:47 <Christine> I’ll finish the damn sex drawing later. Goodnight.
18/04/09 4:13:10 <Joshua Wise> Nope
18/04/09 4:13:28 <Joshua Wise> Your talk against me is final.
18/04/09 4:13:35 <Joshua Wise> Moon is coming down.
18/04/09 4:14:36 <Joshua Wise> Your lies and delusions have angered me for the last time.
18/04/09 4:16:13 <Christine> Fine, we will rebuild.
18/04/09 4:16:27 <Christine> You won’t get your coloured drawing.
18/04/09 4:18:08 <Joshua Wise> Nope
18/04/09 4:18:20 <Joshua Wise> The CPUs have declared war.
18/04/09 4:18:29 <Joshua Wise> CHRIS!!!-Cryzel
18/04/09 4:18:49 <Joshua Wise> WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!‽
18/04/09 4:19:27 <Christine> Ugh! I thought it was finally over!
18/04/09 4:19:37 <Christine> I thought you were here, Cryzel.
18/04/09 4:19:47 <Joshua Wise> No!
18/04/09 4:20:08 <Joshua Wise> Why would you act so childish???
18/04/09 4:20:40 <Christine> I was tired of this chaos and madness.
18/04/09 4:21:50 <Joshua Wise> The CPUs made announcements
18/04/09 4:21:55 <Christine> CPUs, listen to me, I wrote a law that prevents anyone from harming any of you and John.
18/04/09 4:22:11 <Joshua Wise> Read the announcements
18/04/09 4:25:54 <Christine> I did
Once again, Pristine Christine manages to be more coherent and logical than Joshua Wise. He can't even keep a consistent set of autistic threats.


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Sep 18, 2017
18/04/09 1:28:08 <Joshua Wise> Or if this were back in the days I was a pirate, rum.
18/04/09 1:28:19 <Joshua Wise> Good times.

18/04/09 1:40:55 <Stephen Boyd> You've got until midnight to make me ditch the woman I see as my mom.
18/04/09 1:41:03 <Joshua Wise> The eighties were such fun times.

18/04/09 1:44:42 <Stephen Boyd> No food breaks at mcdonalds.

18/04/09 3:04:01 <Stephen Boyd> You probably will until the goddesses have pity fatass.

Honestly, the worst parts are always right before they posts an anime picture. The entire thing is pretty bad, but every time he is gonna post an anime picture the autism ramps up 200%

18/04/09 5:45:40 <Joshua Wise> Anna is a potential risk.



Dec 22, 2015
I just love how they use the anime faces in the logs-- it's just so stupid.


"My name is Joshua-wise, a true and honest blonde hair anime girl that extorts mentally disabled poor people! I hope you watch my anime: Autistic Sociopath! made by Kiwi Farms Productions. I hope you watch and enjoy :3"

Ugh, this entire conversation has cost me brain cells...
The horrifying part is that they were absolutely rock hard for all of this

Jun 27, 2013
I keep forgetting CWC literally thinks the "dimension" Sonichu and cartoons live in is real. Not "it's in my head so they have a place to live" real but actually alternate existence real. If it was the former he could just say "no the ponies don't think I'm a sex offender" (just when you think there are no new sentences...), but it must be the latter because he believes the Autistic Alliance here can actually access that dimension just as he can. The degree to which Chris is unhinged from reality still escapes me sometimes. You just can't go in looking at it through a normal lens.

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Nov 19, 2015
Chris still gets to go to conventions, he still gets money thrown at him by exceptional individuals, and more people know his name than probably most of us here. Meanwhile Josh Wise is just a pathetic husk of a human being that dedicated hours to this nonsense that Chris basically will forget about in a few weeks. It's too damn early for this amount of 'tism.



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Aug 20, 2014
The fact that these trolls are weebs alone is enough to make me LOATHE them. Well, besides everything else.

Like I said before: Unless it's making fun of Sonichu, picking on Chris like THIS? Truly is a mistake that needs to be punished by law, IMHO (it'll never happen, but it's nice to think about, given this BS taking place and how unlawful it's proven to be - thank you, Rekieta Law.).