The best retirement age for Rappers. -

I was thinking about this today. What is the age where you feel a rapper needs to stop?
I mean, how old do you have to be before getting up on stage and rapping about how rich you are and how you're so hot, prostitutes pay YOU for sex, starts to sound kind of ridiculous?
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Syaoran Li

Oh what a night! Late December back in '63...
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Ideally, stop before you turn 30

At the absolute latest, quit before you're 35

Unless you're Ice T or the Beastie Boys, those guys were the based exceptions to the rule. But both the Beastie Boys and Ice T were rockers before they became rappers. "Cop Killer" was originally a metal song, after all.

The Beastie Boys retired for good when MCA died and Ice T is semi-retired anyway