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The BetterHelp, CreatorHealth, InfluenceLogic Rabbit HoleCandid 2.0, brought to you by Joel Robbinson

Discussion in 'Internet Famous' started by melon, Oct 1, 2018.

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  1. Recently starting in September, an influx of videos pertaining to a discussion of mental health, depression and anxiety had ignited the new YouTube trend. First emerging after YouTuber Elle Mills' publicised 'YouTube Burnout', a pattern in videos started to emerge in whereby creators suddenly revealed their bouts of 'depression' and mental health problems, meanwhile also promoting the online service BetterHelp as 'another resource to fight depression' and get help, with affiliate links in the descriptions. Notable YouTubers include Boogie2988, Shane Dawson, Phillip DeFranco, and Bobby Burns. This sponsored 'resource' is where the problem lies.

    BetterHelp is described as an online therapy service, and advertised as the alternative to face-to-face counselling. BetterHelp is detailed as hosting professional and licensed therapists to tend to your needs, with 24hr availability and access to a host of communication methods, whether it be instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, etc.

    BetterHelp is pimped out by a shady non-entity known as CreatorHealth, itself very discretely managed by the owner of InfluenceLogic, a marketing company specifically setup for getting YT content creators to shill. There is a post explaining their broader network here. InfluenceLogic is an affiliate marketer and BetterHelp uses affiliate marketing, so their relation seems incidental. Here's an explanation of how to deduced who recruited the YTer, but a comprehensive list of YTers and who their top-level affiliate is can be found here.

    We've made a convenient image summarizing what's wrong with BetterHelp.

    Thanks to the help of Memology101's videos and some farmers, BetterHelp is being revealed to be a massive scam that preys on the mentally ill and impressionable fans of content creators. I will try to compile all findings and lists of concerns in this post.

    The Pricing

    Currently, YouTubers are shilling this as the 'cheaper alternative' to professional counselling, yet scammed customers have come forth in claiming that's not exactly true.

    BetterHelp's weekly rates range from $35-$80USD per week. Yet users of the service have complain that they have been randomly charged for two months without refund nor explanation. Some without ever even pairing up with a therapist.
    Subscription Plan.jpg
    Review1.png Review2.png Review3.png Review4.png
    Review5.png Review6.png Tweet1.png Tweet2.png

    "Licensed Therapists"

    The main attraction to BetterHelp's service is derived from its promotion of 'professional and licensed therapists'. However, looking into the terms and conditions of the website shows that not only do BetterHelp hold no liability for the services provided, stating that all responsibility lies within the customer and their counsellor, but they do not assure the quality, skills, certification or even employment of said therapists.
    Licensed Therapists.png
    Furthermore, according to their website, BetterHelp is HIPAA (the U.S's Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) certified, yet as pointed out in Memology101's video, their terms and conditions contradict this as they claim no accountability if something were to happen.

    Unprofessionalism and Negative Experiences

    In light of this knowledge, it's easy to make the connection as to why a large sum of people have a negative experience with BetterHelp. Customers detail the unprofessionalism of therapists they were match up with, and in some cases even rudeness and disrespect. Many users have experienced being outright turned away, due to being in a 'crisis' situation or not suited for BetterHelp's services. This has lead many to believe the company preys on the 'not actually depressed' to better extort them without risk of dealing with a 'real' mentally ill case.
    Negative1.png Negative2.png Negative3.png Negative4.png N1.png TweetN1.png

    YouTuber Deschroma also made a video detailing her negative experience with BetterHelp.

    Shane Dawson's Ploy

    I won't go into much detail here as Memology's 5th episode covers it well, but it has been suspected that Shane Dawson's new documentary series on the Paul brothers is really just a marketing gimmick for shilling BetterHelp, as he 'dissects' the brothers' 'sociopathic' tendencies with therapist Kati Morton, who has appeared in a number of videos promoting BetterHelp across YouTube.

    Extra Information

    I've hopefully roughly covered all the main aspects of criticism in regards to BetterHelp, so now I'll just list some further info and the Memology videos. Thanks to @vhstape for gathering a lot of this data!

    Note: This has not been verified by some of the more experienced R&D users on the site. Take everything with a grain of salt, but for expediency's sake we have moved it out to the open.

    Some basic info on the shill "therapist"
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzBYOHyEEzlkRdDOSobbpvw
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/katimorton
    Mail: PO Box #665 1223 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403
    Business email: linnea@toneymedia.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/KatiMorton
    Website: https://www.katimorton.com/
    Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/katimorton1/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katimorton1/?hl=en
    Online shop: https://store.dftba.com/collections/kati-morton
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kati-morton-lmft-04801b7
    Tumblr: https://katimorton.tumblr.com/
    Amazon store page: https://www.amazon.com/Kati-Morton/e/B07D8NHD87

    Very little info I could find on Happyable, Inc. which she is co-founder of


    BetterHelp was acquired by Teladoc in 2015

    Teladoc seems to be doing very well and seeing a lot of growth currently

    "BetterHelp, the leading e-counseling service worldwide, today announced FaithfulCounseling.com, a service offering online counseling for Christians. Every counselor on the platform is a practicing Christian who seeks to integrate appropriate faith-based guidance with their clinical practice."

    Founder of betterhelp is a man called Alon Matas
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/alonmatas?lang=en
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alonmatas
    linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alonmatas

    from his linkedin
    "IDF - Israel Defence Forces
    6 years

    Interview with him: https://mixergy.com/interviews/betterhelp-with-alon-matas/

    Worth noting he has no qualification relating to any medical field going off the public information.

    Edit, found other stuff:
    seems they are not only using youtube to shill

    Also found Alon Matas's reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/user/alonmatas
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    329. VaneVane https://archive.li/4bmMx (this one is for the spanish website)

    330. AmellaNicole https://archive.li/WWDli

    331. Stevie https://archive.li/P5c8q

    332. Bess Ophelia https://archive.li/D0tR5

    333. Juggling The Jenkins https://archive.li/lm3te

    334. FlawlessKevin https://archive.li/GehG6

    335. ASMR Darling https://archive.li/dBr3i

    336. Authentic Mental Health https://archive.li/Msuia

    Let me know if there's anything else that needs to be added here. Posting it the Multimedia forums because: 1. I heard this thread would be better here and 2. I don't have privileges to the Youtube forum anyway.

    EDIT: It's been discovered that a lot of non Phillip DeFranco affiliate link directions have been found to contain Phillip DeFranco's 'Rogue Rocket' tag. The rabbit hole goes even deeper.
    Rouge Rocket.png
    This was captured from Boogie's affiliate link, and the video posted by @Hackallier below shows a lot more YouTubers guilty of this, such as The Gabbie Vlogs. I suspect Memology will be doing a video on it soon, so I'll update the OP when that comes out.

    UPDATE: Whew lad. The rabbit hole goes through to China now. Here is some of the information that's been dug up/come to light since the original OP (The Condensed Version):

    Archived copy of Linkedin: https://web.archive.org/web/20181002174240/https://www.linkedin.com/in/kati-morton-lmft-04801b7
    "Co Founder

    December 2011 – Present 6 years 11 months
    Santa Monica, CA
    We're an early stage healthcare startup that delivers professional mental health knowledge to a global audience.

    High Fidelity Wireframe
    We have strong traction
    We're scalable
    TAM: 450,000,000"

    It's suspected Morton is the co-founder of BetterHelp, hence her religious shilling of the service.
    Thanks to @Frostitute for this info!

    InfluenceLogic workers + connections page.

    Acquisition of BetterHelp in 2015 for 4.5 mil: https://web.archive.org/web/20181003071124/
    Teladoc Datamining: http://www.telemedmag.com/article/teladoc-mines-mountains-data-strategic-insights/
    Teladoc Antitrust Lawsuit (a.k.a. Monopoly Hunt on Telemedicine): https://www.businesswire.com/news/h...ladoc-moves-block-Medical-Board-rule-restrict
    Teladoc Investors: https://www.teladoc.com/news/2014/0...owth-and-solidify-market-leadership-position/
    "These guys https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_Ventures now called jafco mentioned in the teladoc funding link who also invested in cyber security start-ups with Google and have investment links to naval intelligence and DOD via proofpoint , Fireye another company invested in by this group were hired to investigate the Trump/Russia link."
    Google Co-Investment: https://www.ft.com/content/32e52364-9987-11e3-b3a2-00144feab7de#axzz3UUUYcu2w
    Teladoc Funding History: https://www.owler.com/company/teladoc#fundinghistory
    Privacy Policy: https://www.teladoc.com/notice-of-privacy-practices/
    Thanks to @judgehate and @Boogie1488 for this info!

    Phillip DeFraudo is a Naughty Boy
    It's no secret that DeFranco's ad agency company Rogue Rocket is linked with BetterHelp. Yet, at no point prior or during his shilling of BetterHelp did he state his material connection to them, which has lead us to believe ShillyD has broken an FTC guideline.

    Felix released a video airing out BetterHelp and its sponsors' dirty laundry for all to see. Now is the time to strap in. Thanks, Pewds! <3

    And to the newcomers from PewDiePie's channel, welcome to the farms! Make sure you read the rules before posting.
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    melon It's like a butt-pussy! ♡

  2. You should also add that Philip DeFranco's network Rogue Rocket is highly tied to this. At least Boogie uses his campaign. Maybe compile a list of affiliates with "Rogue Rocket" tag?

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  3. Something never felt right about them, along with that "too good to be true" itch at the back of my head, never expected it to be this bad
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    Guli Autism is the true Ethnostate

  4. Yes, I just saw that a few minutes ago. Sucks that more information came out while I was writing the OP! But no worries, I'll add that in, thanks!
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    melon It's like a butt-pussy! ♡

  5. Rogue Rocket:
    Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rogue-rocket
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/theroguerocket?lang=en
    Website: https://www.roguerocket.com/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpLB7kBu9O5dbBKhaIOmqcQ/featured
    Other info:

    Rogue Rocket was founded on 03/27/2017


    She is Executive Producer at Rogue Rocket, also states Rogue Rocket is "Starting a brand new production company and independent news channel with Philip DeFranco, an award winning YouTube personality and entrepreneur.

    Production/Development/Partnerships for all Rogue Rocket properties - The Philip DeFranco Show, PhillyD, Etc."

    Also Rogue Rocket is the name of a podcast he has which started early last month

    Danny Bragonier Co-Founder
    Allison Dea
    Head of Community and Support

    Alain Adler
    Head of Engineering


    Jeff Williams
    Head of Business Development
    (linkedin on the betterhelp webpage but no mention of his employment there)

    Also just saw this which gave me a laugh https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/autism/which-autism-medication-is-right-for-my-child/
    "Autism is a mental illness that often presents in early age and affects communication and social interactions, as well as cognitive ability in some children and adults."

    while https://www.autism.org.uk/get-involved/media-centre/news/2016-07-24-autism-and-mental-health.aspx

    "Autism is not a mental health condition. However, we do know that autistic people are more likely to develop mental health problems. There can be many reasons for this, such as not getting the support you need."
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    #5 vhstape, Oct 1, 2018
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  6. This is also being advertised hard on Instagram, both in the photo stream and the stories stream.

    Thanks for delving into this and exposing the scam.
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    UselessRubberKeyboard CPU Rainbow Heart, Goddess of Spectrum Consoles
    True & Honest Fan

  7. Candid targeted idiotic skeptics, but to exploit people who desperately want help for their failing mental health? That's just fucking disgusting. Especially Boogie, someone who's built part of his audience by talking about his clinical depression and abuse to exploit fans who probably related to him through that. Really just enforces what the thread on him says.
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    Crippled_Retard I'm stuck in this fucking chair

  8. Broke down the shills in groups of the different influencer marketing sites that have been used.
    Also worth noting http://tryonlinetherapy.com/ is also betterhelp website

    24 Frames Of Nick https://archive.li/eyAEo

    Theo Von https://archive.li/8uaOU

    New Rockstars https://archive.li/jTU0l

    Steebee Weebee https://archive.li/376yA

    Self-Helpless Podcast https://archive.li/LSl5w

    Philip DeFranco's company


    Andywarski https://archive.li/lzqI1

    Josh Peck https://archive.li/wUAWQ

    The Young Turks https://archive.li/QIrku

    Milo Stewart https://archive.li/oVdjZ

    Kati Morton https://archive.li/o0rFn

    lacigreen https://archive.li/XaNp9

    JaclynGlenn https://archive.li/UHqbi

    H3H3 https://archive.li/fNaOx

    David Pakman Show https://archive.li/y4uxZ

    emilia fart https://archive.li/g6L3z

    Double Toasted https://archive.li/M3mSI

    Jasmine and Joshua https://archive.li/IxJ3w

    Bobby Burns https://archive.li/V5ADb

    Domics https://archive.li/ksPmM

    Jason Nash https://archive.li/5CL6p

    Gibi ASMR https://archive.li/R8INk

    blndsundoll4mj https://archive.li/BTlud

    Claire Michelle https://archive.li/zME1e

    BigDawsTv https://archive.li/e3UAZ

    ASMRrequests https://archive.li/HraOX

    Anna Akana https://archive.li/2gBPU

    The Gabbie Vlogs https://archive.li/DndmT

    Rose and Rosie Vlogs https://archive.li/U1UIK

    Creative Calm ASMR https://archive.li/22kZa

    Love ASMR by Ana Muñoz https://archive.li/jIVag

    alpha m. https://archive.li/Ez9n8

    SophieMichelle ASMR https://archive.li/pVkyp

    Catplant ASMR https://archive.li/5vjcw

    Laineybot https://archive.li/5Wv4v

    Thedailysign https://archive.li/0qtWG

    Sarah Hawkinson https://archive.li/UUrOR

    Brittany ASMR https://archive.li/Qq4HJ

    Carolyn's RV Life https://archive.li/jwUqr

    V-Squared https://archive.li/M0mBi

    ASMR DeutscheVita https://archive.li/dpp9U

    Leeor Alexandra https://archive.li/AQ5u1

    Michael Henry https://archive.li/qch9F

    Emmmabooks https://archive.li/ozYdb

    Stolentoilet https://archive.li/mbU7r

    Depression to Expression https://archive.li/kQw2o

    Meditations by Rasa https://archive.li/uet8D

    Gus Johnson https://archive.li/imfQ5

    Marinashutup https://archive.li/tVK4h

    How to ADHD https://archive.li/Wolrm

    Kayla Ward https://archive.li/6wetW

    Arielle Scarcella https://archive.li/45ebz

    MasakoX https://archive.li/wPD5p

    Kandy Kakes https://archive.li/AoPZt

    Angel Souls https://archive.li/JpqXX

    Deni ASMRCZ https://archive.li/kv2uW

    Victoria Wiggins https://archive.li/h7Zpc

    Memeulous https://archive.li/onDFk

    Jellybean Green ASMR https://archive.li/xLUzB

    The Viet Vegan https://archive.li/VK7Py

    Back to Chubby https://archive.li/gCl3q

    Kelly Eden https://archive.li/GZCo7

    Misha Grimes https://archive.li/3ceH2

    Mekkk https://archive.li/uB94q

    Jimmy Hazelwood https://archive.li/IaLdr

    Pelagea ASMR https://archive.li/Hq7Eo

    Dr Dray https://archive.li/sX2U1

    Wisecrack https://archive.li/AWLbZ

    LuckyHell https://archive.li/iFUBI

    ASMR Is Awesome https://archive.li/jyklG

    EmuEmi https://archive.li/pvzlu

    Jackson Miloh https://archive.li/V8NLl

    Be Inspired https://archive.li/WwvqX

    LoseitlikeLauren https://archive.li/qPbXr

    Stillsoundlyawake https://archive.li/KDLaC

    AMY LEE https://archive.li/ocFy4

    The Rational National https://archive.li/C4Tj2

    adam22 https://archive.li/Ok64h

    Atozy https://archive.li/NyGPj

    Syren Cove https://archive.li/t3U3S

    Romeo Lacoste https://archive.li/eo2tn

    Lauren Elizabeth https://archive.li/2ClbG

    Thoughty2 https://archive.li/BDCHh

    DavidSoComedy https://archive.li/4vEtf

    Roly https://archive.li/5GNhz

    Mother's Basement https://archive.li/BIzyI

    ScreenPrism https://archive.li/NVMCG

    PRINCESSJOULES https://archive.li/GLDls

    Allegra Shaw https://archive.li/PQRnl

    Teachingmensfashion https://archive.li/NT09A

    batinthesun https://archive.li/W9SNI

    Rob Dyke https://archive.li/ro37P

    John Flickinger https://archive.li/OlCm5

    Taylor Nicole Dean https://archive.li/bATGH

    Anime America https://archive.li/fQuAU

    Carly and Erin https://archive.li/zb5s0

    Scotty Sire https://archive.li/60sHb

    Tristan Paredes https://archive.li/lBIQT

    Hitomi Mochizuki https://archive.li/UC0mu

    sexplanations https://archive.li/u79KL

    Heath Hussar https://archive.li/GiHN2

    MxR Mods https://archive.li/IPeHp

    Charisma on Command https://archive.li/uFbpG

    Brianna K https://archive.li/Mkejo

    MissMangoButt https://archive.li/BqDRn

    Stephanie Soo https://archive.li/qPMtI

    Olivia Kissper ASMR https://archive.li/IgiA9

    Sarah Hawkinson https://archive.li/LCcxg

    MissFenderr https://archive.li/W5tET

    LatreceASMR https://archive.li/ymksB

    Drew Lynch https://archive.li/t1q86

    Nite Shift ASMR https://archive.li/0XoDj

    Howsenselessdeath Howpreciouslife https://archive.li/APHHs

    Peace and Saraity ASMR https://archive.li/Y7D1L

    Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music https://archive.li/8D4VD

    Andrew Quo https://archive.li/nXvyA

    WelshDrive https://archive.li/GJpK4

    Authentic Mental Health https://archive.li/gNmhm

    Kimberly H https://archive.li/NJjLz

    Royko64 https://archive.li/ihd92

    ClickForTaz https://archive.li/vlDdu

    Ron Placone https://archive.li/v5y9P

    Book Roast https://archive.li/EqRfn

    Ladle By Ladle https://archive.li/3LsAn

    Marno ASMR https://archive.li/AHp4A

    Articulate Design ASMR https://archive.li/TL3lq

    ASMR blossom https://archive.li/z5XVS

    Carrie Dayton https://archive.li/TUw83

    Amanda the Jedi https://archive.li/je8t3

    Holli + Huckleberry https://archive.li/sC5Ai

    Sammy-Marie Grimm https://archive.li/5dyZX

    Plant Based Bride https://archive.li/Ipuyk

    Daisy Foxglove https://archive.li/LeKv3

    FrivolousFox ASMR https://archive.li/clWN5

    Fatima Francesa https://archive.li/zBd7H

    Lily Whispers ASMR https://archive.li/K4vfk

    FairyBlossom & Friends ASMR https://archive.li/9uVng

    Good Eating ASMR https://archive.li/Uic4Q

    More Salt Please https://archive.li/F79M7

    BohemianWhisper ASMR https://archive.li/KJ0HS

    Kat Napiorkowska https://archive.li/RJUIn

    Tingting ASMR https://archive.li/g4v3n

    ASMR Barber https://archive.li/uC7co

    Karlie Reneé https://archive.li/8RHLs

    Creepy Team https://archive.li/VKjuq

    Johnnie June https://archive.li/10hyA

    NiwaLeaf https://archive.li/Yzzr9

    CardlinAudio https://archive.li/Zjvou

    Whitewinterwhispers https://archive.li/9J7vq

    ASMR WORLD https://archive.li/JvkXm

    2Spooky https://archive.li/35GNr

    Rapunzel ASMR https://archive.li/92VNf

    Elizabeth Grace https://archive.li/x183c

    Rob Dyke https://archive.li/zE2PY#selection-1251.0-1254.0 (thanks to Gus45 for finding this one)

    Jenna Moreci https://archive.li/GIWhO

    Carrie Dayton https://archive.li/zk2xu

    JuiceHead https://archive.li/X4bJM

    Depression Talks With Immanuel https://archive.li/vJ5ak

    Laura Krause https://archive.li/LEXVZ

    Jenny Ernst https://archive.li/FQcJO

    Devin With An Eye https://archive.li/XgIRf

    Experiencing Nirvana https://archive.li/53dOM

    heyitsfeiii https://archive.li/u455q

    Jordan Shrinks https://archive.li/amlFb

    WoodyWoodrow https://archive.li/fgVEi

    Meet Matt Shep https://archive.li/0N9id

    Ryan Minaj https://archive.li/mpjsq

    Macy Eleni https://archive.li/WtfYI

    Tristan Paredes https://archive.li/lBIQT

    Kbaby https://archive.li/h9m0m

    DeMars Coaching https://archive.li/nWmJr

    Sarah Acree https://archive.li/ymYQn

    Kenny Moffitt https://archive.li/LVzZo

    MakeupMesha https://archive.li/jBtpW

    Sara Prostran https://archive.li/k5liC

    Charles Gross https://archive.li/93g2Y

    FLEMLO RAPS MUSIC & MENTALITY https://archive.li/gje68

    Video Advice https://archive.li/5haRu

    MaxFloz https://archive.li/0NNKm

    The Fruit Doctor https://archive.li/QvFq3

    Anna Clendening https://archive.li/3LxvI

    stolentoilet https://archive.li/jpsF7

    gwengwizetc https://archive.li/295m0

    PJ Dreams ASMR https://archive.li/JMI1O

    Jenny Mustard https://archive.li/mD92J

    Channon Rose https://archive.li/5NkAU

    The Rewired Soul https://archive.li/g6mrO

    FlexitarianFood&Fitness https://archive.li/MwGAf

    NiwaLeaf https://archive.li/B4i0d

    Stephanie Soo https://archive.li/HyzEW

    Arasulè ASMR https://archive.li/RUJrx

    ashnichrist https://archive.li/Qk4Ct

    Emily Lee https://archive.li/KdAlW#selection-1239.1-1251.9

    Speed Pharmacology https://archive.li/57tAv

    Darkling ASMR https://archive.li/nfgDA

    LizziesAnswers https://archive.li/I89R9


    YourMomsHousePodcast https://archive.li/dpUoS

    SteveTerreberry https://archive.li/NAzfH


    Most new ones I'm finding fall under NEB or NEB2, can't find any information about those tw0, so unsure what they really are.
    Katrin Berndt https://archive.li/uT4vw

    BreeAnn Barbie https://archive.li/FkGCs

    Alex Meyers https://archive.li/iwCaP

    Georgia Marie https://archive.li/GOyu8

    Jackson Bird https://archive.li/uWzMg

    ChandlerNWilson https://archive.li/FarlJ

    JustDestiny https://archive.li/dAgIC

    EnvyMaliceMikki https://archive.li/KwecP

    CircleToonsHD https://archive.li/Y7umx

    LAHWF https://archive.li/lj6Fs

    Tony Bomboni ASMR https://archive.li/99gxY

    Amber Loves Mystery https://archive.li/IROZd

    AlexMax Han https://archive.li/4LIdM#selection-1251.0-1251.11

    Ferryn & Bella https://archive.li/2nE72

    CAM ASMR & Massage https://archive.li/cOheY

    NayaReadsandSmiles https://archive.li/LPyKz

    A Place to Nest https://archive.li/MzuGU

    Tyler Rugge https://archive.li/jDVYK

    Will Jardell https://archive.li/6wxHI

    Karuna Satori ASMR https://archive.li/JItf5

    Alex G https://archive.li/PYrkf

    Two Beeps https://archive.li/Zmoqu

    Kat Wonders https://archive.li/rwfJd

    Haru the Shiba Inu https://archive.li/m2SB5

    Imari Stuart https://archive.li/6NviY

    TheMonasteroTwins https://archive.li/aFqho

    Stephen Hansink https://archive.li/l8Ho1

    Lucy Elizabeth https://archive.li/yEDxl

    Brooke Houts https://archive.li/VTUQX

    Cristian Oliveras https://archive.li/6kwXT

    Kaeden Harveland https://archive.li/UfNHy

    GwenGwiz ASMR https://archive.li/em5Y5

    Savannah Brymer https://archive.li/kC33f

    The Josh Speaks https://archive.li/qS17p

    Calum McSwiggan https://archive.li/L2ZpD

    SAVANNAH ROSE https://archive.li/4OTB7

    Tony Bomboni ASMR https://archive.li/fGIA2

    Elsie Lovelock https://archive.li/eMxnY

    Anna Campbell https://archive.li/9lr7A

    Alva Velasco https://archive.li/6c7xE

    Meghan Tonjes https://archive.li/nQ4j9

    LAHWF https://archive.li/lj6Fs

    T1J https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNArR6-bTk0

    Tanner Braungardt https://archive.li/6pQ60

    Dominick Whelton https://archive.li/QUpKe

    Hailey Reese https://archive.li/VNegf

    Living Rosa https://archive.li/8jaoz

    Kelly Eden https://archive.li/ca5mZ

    Rhian HY https://archive.li/kwnsx

    Katrin Berndt https://archive.li/miYpz

    Shelbizleee https://archive.li/rdyoG

    Node https://archive.li/X9vST

    Nikocado Avocado https://archive.li/yXolw

    ThatDudeinBlue https://archive.li/HiGq4

    Superb Stella https://archive.li/MvZux

    Osh and Akela https://archive.li/8IBNs

    Katrin Berndt https://archive.li/gLaOE

    Stef Sanjati https://archive.li/DHI3U

    Relaxing White Noise https://archive.li/mpGJ6

    Josh Tryhane https://archive.li/9iis4

    Lalaloves https://archive.li/C6gVc

    Fairy Char ASMR https://archive.li/8ZzoI

    F0XY https://archive.li/5yRih

    JairWoo https://archive.li/DxtNb

    Lucy Elizabeth https://archive.li/JuIMZ

    Willow Faith https://archive.li/wnkvX

    DiamondCandyTV https://archive.li/XNfSl

    Karuna Satori ASMR https://archive.li/ReyJP

    Alba Nelson https://archive.li/T3OHy

    Will try to update it when I can as it's still missing a lot of people
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    #8 vhstape, Oct 1, 2018
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  9. I have been watching some of Kati Morton's videos lately, it all seemed normal, but this cunt is a psychopath scammer of depressed people. Holy shit, you really can't trust anyone nowadays.

    I never liked psychologists, and every day my disdain for them is slowly turning into hate. Fuck these "professionals".

    Great thread, it needs to be viralized.
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  10. I didn't realize there were that many shills. I'm starting to think this might be a government program in order to find future school shooters and other crazies.
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    BrunoMattei Vincent Dawn
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  11. I'm inclined to believe they priority-list high profile individuals to give them fantastic service and the bad reports from others are in part due to excess number of buyers to therapists. It's easy to lose perspective of the difference between *your* great experience and everyone else's poor one on a digital medium; there used to be a few websites like that built explicitly to fuck with people's heads.
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  12. i expected better from some of these youtubers, but then again why am i surprised.

    also it's really funny that people expected to be charged the weekly price for their yearly subscription. the numbers are off but when subscribing yearly you pay for that entire first year right out the gate. that's always how it worked.
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    neyvaraez bring on the apocalypse

  13. Considering the exposure of mental health nowadays and how willing people are to throw money at a screen to be 'fixed' or 'cured', I'm sort of surprised it took this long for something like this to spring up and, dare I say, it's kind of not a bad con.

    It's still fucking disgusting, preying on the mentally vulnerable though.

    That being said, I remember when I first heard about this it seemed tempting(I mean c'mon, getting 'help' without even having the leave the house? Talk about a low-hanging but effective fruit) but something said "no, just do it in person like the old days" so there's another bullet dodged.

    Here's to hoping they get fully exposed as the scam artists they are.
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    Agent Nahman Jayden

    Agent Nahman Jayden Acts like he's from space

  14. MrCreepyPasta (a yt narrator with some lolcowish tendencies) also shilled for them, might also wanna add that
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    #14 Uncanny Valley, Oct 1, 2018
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    Uncanny Valley

    Uncanny Valley masshole
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  15. Thanks added him to the Branded Entertainment Network section
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  16. Do you think this would belong more in Community Watch?
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    2odastream r/Drama queen

  17. bit unrelated but, I dont fucking understand Defranco's appeal.
    guy became rich by being a fence sitter. At lest pewdipie even if still horrible, had the balls to do whatever he wanted to say or do, unlike him.
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    Nazi vegeta

    Nazi vegeta tfs vegeta

  18. Looks like it does, but unfortunately I have insufficient privileges to post there. Sorry about that.
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    melon It's like a butt-pussy! ♡

  19. Try messaging the mods. It might get put into Proving Grounds first tho.
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    2odastream r/Drama queen

  20. Moved! Hope everything's all good now.

    In other news, Memology101 uploaded a new video on the saga. I'll edit the OP to include it, but I'll also link it here.

    It seems Pewdiepie has caught wind of the fiasco too.
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    melon It's like a butt-pussy! ♡

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