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Becky is claiming she's disabled. You don't get a check just for being unemployed and "poor" (which she isn't, because Amberlynn provides everything for her). And she's not on unemployment, either, because she QUIT her job.

so who pays for Necky's health insurance???
The taxpayers of Kentucky i.e. Rickie. Is there anything he doesn't have to do? jfc

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So a woman at Walmart was so rude to Amber that it made Becky want to kill the woman and remember it well enough to bring it up in later conversation. I'm guessing it has to do with something embarrassing for Amber to admit (the woman was insulting her bc of her size, etc) and that's why that incident didn't become a story time video, because I want to hear the whole tale!
She probably reminded her that the scooters are for the disabled or elderly people and not fat cunts.
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Wasn't some drama around this at some point?

That Becky left for x time and amber got uti because Ricky/Eric refused to wipe her?
I mean that was sort of the working theory: Becky left, Amber couldn't wipe herself properly so she also probably held it in/didn't go as often. That + can't wipe herself properly = UTI.

I dunno, rate me :optimistic: but I don't think even she'd ask the Fags to wipe her when the Thumb is away. She might have an ounce of that pride still left, given she's totally not 600 el beesu guiisseee. But it's a slippery slope.


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I don't even think Becky wipes her. I've said it before but your gorl weighed 300 lbs at age 10. She hasn't been able to wipe herself in a conventional way for like 20 years. No one was wiping her back then. She figured something out. She manges it on her own. Not saying she does it particularly well, but she manages.

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