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Can I post a picture of this fucker? He's been dead for millions of years but he's one of my favorite weirdo birds. I'll leave the Wikipedia link if anyone's interested in facts about him.

of course you can, all birds are welcomed even if they have flown over the rainbow bridge.


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The thread headline says sniff birds and honestly with owls I kinda wanna do that...I mean just look at how soft and fluffy their down looks
I also love how this one has an "mhh yesd human you may pet me, I'll allow this." It's no wonder owls are often made out to be wise but also a little smug or full itf themselves when given human like traits. As the comments on this channel say owls are just birds running on cat software.


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Baby peacocksView attachment 1627103View attachment 1627102
They make noises that sound oddly human like. I was at a zoo once and there was a peacock that sounded like it was screaming “HELP!” over and over
I have lived in range of weirdos who kept peacocks. It's uncannily like "Lemme out!"
by this point I now have to assume peacocks are part of the pizzagate childrape saucerdemons


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I saw a mated pair of kildeer trying to scare away cars today. Their nests are so vulnerable, my heart goes out to the tricky little guys.
back when I lived with my parents one time some burrowing owls made a nest in front of the house
I was all "dawwwww cute owls"
then I saw the day one of them had killed something, dragged it to the front of their burrow, and made the dead body its new perch
I was all "uhh. damn, brah."


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Crows are the chads of the bird world.

Can figure out how to accomplish complex tasks.

Can observe and learn from the mistakes of others.

Can understand scientific concepts such as water displacement

Can understand concepts such as gift-giving and paying debts.



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This time of year always makes me think of crows and ravens. Who are actually smarter and cuter than you think they can even mimic human speech

If owls are cats in bird Bodies then crows are definitely the black cats of the avian world. A bad rep due to old superstitions and occasion with death and the macabre.
Crows are the chads of the bird world.

They're incredibly intelligent. There is that subspecies IRCC in New Zealand that are divided by living on different islands. They all use the same tools for picking grubs out of termite mounds, but the colonies since the islands separated have adapted different methods for making the hooking sticks and therefore make them in different styles.

My birds have a chick at the moment, I'm looking forward to meeting the little guy once's he's fully feathered and out and about.

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