THE BIRD THREAD - Post birds, discuss birds or even sniff birds.

How much do you love birds?

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I'll shit on you
wow............... i feel so loved...................................

edit: also have some actual content, some cute pictures of birds i have attained over the years

bless all birds

H8DtrZ4.jpg 7DRFbV7.jpg

double edit: i had a dyh amazon once..... i want to bless all people who own cockatoos and amazons. it takes a special soul to raise these birds and keep them and yourself sane........ maybe one day i will have another bird. maybe not....

maybe ill just get a cockatiel. I dont think i have the patience to have the equivalent of a high functioning child with bolt cutters and a megaphone

or ill just watch a lot of youtube

yea. youtube is good.
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I have been credibly informed that the bird is indeed the word.

These damn things are really loud and annoying though. I heard them once when I was passing through southern Alabama, or maybe it was Mississippi. I forget. Nor do I know how the hell they ended up in the US since their native habitat is South America. Anyways, the video really doesn't capture how loud they are. It would blow out the speakers.


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I have two lovebirds, contrary to their name they hate each other's guts and constantly compete for my attention
Lovebirds are the big birds of the small bird world, they're demanding, destructive, opinionated, stubborn as fuck and ever so cute.

As for smelling them one of them keeps sticking his beak directly into my face and breathing his little bird breath on me and he smells like his pellets and sometimes vegetables


Hey hey
What do ya'll think of penguins? For some reason, I loved them when I was very young. I guess I thought birds that couldn't fly were interesting.

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