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A juvenile owl that we almost ran over coming home one night, after a windstorm. Didn't see it until the last second, thought it was some leaves. Managed to straddle it with the wife's Mini, but seen it tumble in the rearview & lay still.

We live in the middle of nowhere, and it was about a mile from the house, so I stopped to check on the bird. It was still alive, stunned, but not visibly hurt. However, it didn't move, and we heard a truck approaching (fucknuckles around here aim for animals in the road), so I scooped it into the new cat carrier we had just bought.

At home, it showed no lack of appetite, devouring the raw chicken my wife gave it (seen here guarding the bowl, wouldn't let me near, I had to use tongs).
The next day it seemed fine, and I spotted the nest it came from, so that night we released it. The owl walked out of the cage and had no problem flying straight to it's home. It was still around when we moved a year later.

Never found out what kind it was, we just call 'em wood owls.
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