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Heading home from work I saw an owl and got some bigfoot-tier pictures of blurs that might be an owl, I'll post them later. Here's a thing from another thread that involves birds.

taking pictures of wild animals at night can be challenging
alleged owl sighting.jpg
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Just had an acorn woodpecker come in to the clinic with some foot injuries. He's well enough to have an attitude so he'll be a short-term patient. I got to help hold him during intake, draw up some meds for him, and made a little enclosure. He's so pretty and soft.

We also have one of these dudes:
It's a common poorwill, which I *might* have seen in the wild before. They're nocturnal and eat insects, it's not unlikely to mistake one for a bat in the dark. Ours is very pretty and blends in almost perfectly to the log he's on.