The Boys - An Amazon Prime adaptation of the Ennis comic series

Tor Lugosi

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You’ll note the colours are solid, not the excessively-detailed prints that the supers in The Boys wear.
That is a comic character, so the colors are accurate to how its usually portrayed on the page. For MCU figures you've got stuff like:

But, yes, a 6 inch figure obviously isn't going to be a 1:1 representation. Regardless, marketing is obviously a factor in why their costumes look like they do -- the scene with Starlight's new costume states as much. They're not meant to be practical, they're meant to be cool or attractive designs they can sell.


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I still want to watch this show, and I will some time soon... But from what I've heard, this song would have made a good intro... haha

Cemila Mandes
Given the whole corporate thing I figured their costumes were meant to be 'toyetic', something that'd look cool as an action figure, striking a pose for a poster, or in their various in-universe films.
Yeah, because the costumes were designed by the corporation instead of the actual heroes, the show doesn't have to hide the fact that they prioritize marketing above all else. And the bright costumes make a nice contrast to the discreet, everyday outfits of the Boys.