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Two 8-month-old pit bulls that were loose in Nanaimo attacked several children, severely injuring at least one. Other people that came to aid the children were also injured.

The children were playing in a yard at the house of one of their friends. The dogs were from somewhere else in the neighborhood and had been cited for being at large previously.

One of the owners of the dogs came and got the dogs but did not stick around. The news interviewed the other owner, a Dangerhair that looked to be in her late 40s or early 50s. While she was devastated at what her dogs had done, she said to the reporter, "People are saying, look at this from the prospective of a parent, well, these dogs are my kids, too," and then she broke down crying.

It was later reported both dogs were euthanized, as there have been other incidents prior to this one, and due to the severity of the injuries the one particular child sustained.

To the dangerhair dog owner I would have to say, "If these dogs were your KIDS, you did a lousy job of raising them. Thank heavens you didn't spawn any of your own."

I love dogs more than I like people in general, but Jesus Christ if you don't have the experience to know how to raise a breed that is infamous for going off the rails without being raised with the proper constant supervision, discipline and socialization, get literally any other breed besides that one you irresponsible idiot

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I’m sure this will result in more unfair discrimination against pit bulls. There’s no proof this wouldn’t have still happened if the attacking dogs had been a different breed and everything else had unfolded exactly the same.


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From what I understand about pit bulls, they're a high energy breed that needs an owner that will be able to manage that. They can be super sweet dogs, but that doesn't mean you don't have to train them like any other dog. Based on the article the owner didn't bother to train them at all.

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Call me a sped if you will, but this seems like another meme magic occurrence given how there has been a massive salt well on tweeter and beyond for the past week or two, due to channers running a blatantly fake "lol im adopting all pit bulls off craigslist and having them euthanized" campaign on twitter. Once again reality bends and warps at the pleasure of the trolls


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Remember folks: if Dangerhairs can't deal with hanging around normal people, we normies sure as fuck shouldn't let them have pets to hang around with, either. Just a precautionary measure against BS like this ever happening again, after all.


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Oh God, I hope those dogs had their shots, else that child is going to go through the worst kind of hell. :cryblood:

Fuck this bitch, may she be permanently barred from owning dogs so she can spend the rest of her miserable life alone.
Technically she's not alone, cuz she has a boyfriend or husband (not sure which the guy is, he was the one that picked up the dogs from the attack site), but that could change at any time.

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