The 'Buying a Farm' 2020 Merch Run -

Should the Kiwi Soup be a back or front shirt design?

  • Front

    Votes: 379 82.0%
  • Back

    Votes: 68 14.7%
  • Opt-out

    Votes: 15 3.2%

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Faster Than Chris Robin

The Unofficial Official Gab Updates Guy
Look, listen... here's the deal @Null, My phone is a boring black piece of shit. I bought a 4chan sticker because shitpost, but modern 4chan is cringe. Then I bought a Gab sticker cause their software is going interesting places, but Gab is fucking boomer-tier and it's literally the cheapest produced sticker I've ever seen. The only suitable sticker to make my phone complete is a generic Kiwi Farms logo, that's all I want. Also I have cancer maybe, please make my final wish come true.


for legal reasons, that's illegal
True & Honest Fan
I would love some Kiwi Farms logo or autism stickers but I'm always down for a shirt. If you ran the void shirt again and the true and honest fan shirt, I would buy them immediately. I prefer shirts over stickers, given the choice.
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I really like the first art work (chonk kiwi) shown on the last mati stream, the null animal crossing dog looks good too. I'd buy both as sticker and shirt. If only one or the other, the sticker so my piece of shit car can be autistic too.
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Vlinny Chan

I would love some corona-chan stickers but without anything that explicitly says "NCOV-19" or "corona virus" as I think that would give off a "I survived the corona virus pandemic and all I got was this lousy laptop sticker" vibe that would get old very quickly as someone said before.


Absolutely impartial.
I'd love either, particularly something Corona-chan themed, but I'm very leery of what the postage is going to be, so I'm a solid "maybe".
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The Batter

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