The 'Buying a Farm' 2020 Merch Run -

Should the Kiwi Soup be a back or front shirt design?

  • Front

    Votes: 378 82.2%
  • Back

    Votes: 67 14.6%
  • Opt-out

    Votes: 15 3.3%

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The Batter

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At Least One Ounce of Vagina
They're really cute but I wouldn't buy something like this. I guess I (and maybe some other people) wouldn't wear t-shirt designs that really call attention to ourselves. I was hoping for a simple logo sticker or a design like the 'True and Honest Fan' one from a few years back but that's ok.

also why are the feet so prominent :thinking:
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Oban Kamz

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(Text is simplified / party Chinese that says, roughly: "Very, very tasty kiwi [bird] soup"


Will be round.

Poll is now if the shirt design should be back or front.
any reason why you picked a digital camo for the backgrounds instead of a plain color? i like both designs but the backgrounds are jarring

Double Dee

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Aghhhh, I REALLY like both designs this time, too. As for the Kiwi Soup design, I kinda want it on the back- it just feels like a back design, plus some of the longer-haired Kiwis can hide it some if need be.
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