The 'Buying a Farm' 2020 Merch Run -

  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.

Should the Kiwi Soup be a back or front shirt design?

  • Front

    Votes: 379 82.0%
  • Back

    Votes: 68 14.7%
  • Opt-out

    Votes: 15 3.2%

  • Total voters


Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
True & Honest Fan
Put a stripey long sleeve shirt under it for irony.

Can I get these on a beanie/cap? I want everyone at the skatepark to know how exceptional I really am.

Edit: @Null if the design is so big I can't effectively turn this shit into a crop top I'll riot.
Last tee shirts there were ladies' cuts and very small sizes. There’d be no issues making a crop, depending on logo placement. The true and honest was cute and be perfect, I wish I'd gotten more than one.

Don't know if there are going to be women shirt’s this time though.
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*hacker voice* I'm in
I hate t shirts as I've said before, but if the price is right I'll grab one along with some stickers. Legit love the designs!
Will they be available in men's and women's, or unisex?
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Dork Of Ages

I give him a head-bop!
When will the merch site be up? If it's gonna take a while yet, at least let us know of the prices, shipping fees and available regions, Null.
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No Exit

Lol to cow
True & Honest Fan
I just received my merch order for the void hoodie from October. I got the hoodie Nov 2nd-ish, so it's pretty strange. Something to do with the new merch going up maybe?
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