The 'Buying a Farm' 2020 Merch Run -

Should the Kiwi Soup be a back or front shirt design?

  • Front

    Votes: 381 82.1%
  • Back

    Votes: 68 14.7%
  • Opt-out

    Votes: 15 3.2%

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Okay, I'm going to crash but I'll read feedback when I wake up. I just have to change some details and to get the ball rolling hopefully as early as tomorrow.

I'll explain in better detail in the post, but I went with 2 designs and 2 types because the more options the smaller the margin. This is just about financing the new server, or at least offsetting the impact. We can do another run later this year. Margin is better on the stickers so if you want to buy a ton I'd encourage it.

My concern is shipping. I know there's a lot of international users and I've no fucking idea what to do about them. My instinct says just to price it affordably and eat the bullet if it dips into the margins.
Is the shirt a warm or cool red? Jk, gonna buy one either way. Pricing is fair, imo.

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If the idea is for people to put these places out in the wild then larger stickers would be more noticeable. I think the font might be too small on a 2 inch sticker. The 4 inch ones might stand out too much and be more difficult to discretely place. 3 inches is probably a good middle ground. I personally would like the biggest because I'm not looking at doing any vandalism with them so take that input for what it is worth.

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Personally I’m interested in supporting the site and generally love Kiwis as a species so I would love a choice in sticker size, if that’s possible. If not, bigger is good. I just don’t care about some retarded “check out da sekret klub” bullshit.
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Genie The Hedgehog

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Personally the plague doctor kiwi design is dope as hell and I wish I could have that on a shirt.

The only thing getting in the way of getting the stickers for me is that I'd want to put them all over my own shit, too, which kind of defeats the purpose.
Just put tape over or cut off the url. It’s not on the art or anything.


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Just put tape over or cut off the url. It’s not on the art or anything.
Sure, doesn't change how much I'd like the shirt though. You could even put it on black so the black print isn't as noticeable.
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I'm gonna order some stickers to plaster around my area, and a shirt for me and my sister, plus maybe a hoodie for myself. Prices are fair. Can't wait.

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2" circle cut
I believe dyed? It's the good one where shit's actually comfortable to wear. If someone who bought from the last run knows for sure I'd be interested.
The Void t-shirt I bought was decently comfortable. No problems in that regard.
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I don't know dude, I'm not an expert, I just had an idea of stickers you could put everywhere without much regard and for basically nothing cheap.

Current size.
View attachment 1210578

Largest size they offer.
View attachment 1210579

If people think the 10cm would be better I could do it but I'd have to drop the quantity a bit, probably about 20 per $10. The price difference isn't that big.
If it isn't going to take too much away from your profits, 8cm would probably be the best size for a street sticker, since it's large enough you don't have to squint to read it, but small enough you can still stick it on most personal items.

Edit: Since we're discussing prices, I'm just going to say that 20 for 10$ seems a tad underpriced. Isn't that what it would cost to get them printed? You could make a good money on these stickers if you sold them for at least 10 for 10$, which is still very cheap for the quantity and will help ease the expenses of the new server with a higher profit margin.
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Do you accept crypto this time? @Null

I'm cool with 10cm stickers that are higher in price. 5cm diameter won't be enough to cover Antifa and Extinction Rebellion stickers in my town.
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