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I'm back with the Halloween magic, bitches. This is a thread where I'm going to dump all of the recommendations for spooky things I've enjoyed over the years. Feel free to post your favorite scary movies, stories, videos, pictures, and so on.

NOTE: Films I highly recommend are bolded.

Still Life

The Separation


Red Balloon


The Visitor

Second Chances

Love Bites

Living Dolls



Chainsaw Maid

Bloody Date



Devil’s Trade

Last Meal


Fear Clinic

Mr. Bubbs


Damn Love!



Zombie in a Penguin Suit

No Through Road

Tooth Fairy



There are Monsters

The Sandman


The Phone Box

The Cat with Hands



The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow

Enter the Dark

The French Doors


Making Friends


Bear Bear

The Pier

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

The Violinist

Fracture Films

The Confession

The Killing Joke


Road to Moloch


Love Hurts


Pencil Face



The Gate

I Love Sarah Jane



The Hunt

La Llorana

The Entity

T is for Twig

T is for Toilet!

T is for Tantrum

T is for Thigh!

T is for Table!

T is for Teddy

T is for Tiles!

T is for Temptation

T is for Thread

T is for Toss

Yours Truly



Can I Call You?


Who’s Hungry?

Lovely Monster


La Cabina

The Descendant

Haunted Hospital



Man in a Bag

The Little Mermaid

Red Lines

The Black Hole


Behind Closed Doors





T is for Tightrope

T is for Textile

T is for Tip

Split the Check!

Prisoner Exchange at Bannon’s Lookout

Women’s Intuition


Shed out of Luck

Do Not Disturb

Mrs. Brumett's Garden

Hell Week

Cafe at the Crossroads

In the Wall


The Hole

Night Walking

Mr. Pin





Little Lise



Broken Night





Fresh Meat


The Story of a Mother

One Hundredth of a Second


Him Indoors


Off Season


Lock Up






The Sleepover





Mother Died

Dead Man’s Lake

Don’t Move



Just Us


Too Late

The Guest


Highway 9


Chloe and Attie


The Ten Steps

The Girl in the Basement

Girls on Ice


The Weeping Woman

La Cruz (The Cross)

Do You Believe in the Devil?

Porcelain Rising

The Quiet

Lights Out

M is for Matchmaker



2AM: The Smiling Man



Velvet Road

Play Time




Fear, Inc.


2 AM



Flesh-Eating Film Reels

The Little Witch

Unedited Footage of a Bear

Real Demons Caught on Tape

Attic Panic

Microwaving a Cellphone



Tuck Me In

Something Under the Bed

Behind the Door

The Passing

White With Red

The Expressionless

Bloody Mary




The Offering

Vienna Waits for You

Lot 254

Structure Kill

Playing With the Devil

The Whistler

The Operator

20 Hz


Arrêt Pipi


Sea Devil

The Thing in the Apartment

The Devoured


The iMom

The Pig Child

Teddy Bears are for Lovers


The Maiden


Proxy: A Slender Man Story


Dawn of the Deaf

The Whisperer

Don’t Look Away





Human Form

3 Versos

Vanilla Cake

The Birch


On My Way


One Please

Every 90s Commercial Ever

Others Will Follow


Where Is It

Alone Time




Peek A Boo

Burn Time

Happy Birthday


M is for Malnutrition

M is for Mermaid

M is for Messiah

Talk Show






The Jester


The Prey

Black Sugar

Local58 (channel)

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham



Jesse’s Girl

Just Married

Selfie From Hell

The Face Swap




Special Day

We Summoned a Demon

Welcome to Bushwick


Final Offer

The Leap

Tears of Steel

9 Minutes

The Herd


Your Date is Here

Two Birds


The Dollmaker


Sweet Tooth






Crypt TV


NOTE: Favorite stories are bolded
And here are my favorites from the King of Creepypasta, Slimebeast. Seriously, his stories are fantastic; in my opinion (and in many others’), he’s the best creepypasta author out there.



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And these are from No Sleep on Reddit. No Sleep is one of the best resources of short horror fiction and I highly recommend looking around! As with the above examples, stories I highly recommend are bolded.

  • Copper Canyon: Told in a unique way by weaving together narration and statements given to police, it’s hard to give too much of Copper Canyon away without spoiling it. But needless to say, it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last sentence.
  • Borrasca (parts II, III, and IV): A seemingly idyllic small town is hiding a very large, dark secret, and Sam Walker (the new sheriff’s son) is determined to find it out, especially after it begins to affect the people closest to him. By far the longest of Dalek’s stories (needing to be split into four parts to circumvent Reddit’s character limit for posts), Borrasca is nevertheless a quick read as it’s so engrossing. Each part builds up more suspense and adds a few more pieces to the puzzle until the finale, which made my jaw drop.
  • Mayhem Mountain: A group of friends, after purchasing the small amusement park from their youth with plans to reopen it, stumble across something extremely sinister lurking beneath the titular Mayhem Mountain.
  • Room 733: A college freshman finds herself assigned to the dorm next to the titular Room 733, also known as the Suicide Room. As its nickname implies, several students took their own lives after staying in it. To make things even worse, it seems as though the room itself has an agenda…
  • Paradise Pine: Told in the form of journal entries (which are encompassed by a framing device), Paradise Pine is about a couple staying a cabin when some truly strange and disconcerting things begin to happen.
  • Betsy the Doll: A woman reflects on her less-than-happy childhood with her drug-addicted mother, particularly the events surrounding her doll, Betsy. As she soon realizes, there was more to Betsy than met the eye…
  • Death at 423 Stockholm Street: While living at 423 Stockholm Street, a little girl heard very frightening noises in the walls…
  • WTF is going on in Pinal county, Arizona??: (Written under apseudonym) A very mysterious, frightening illness seems to have taken hold of the small town of Mammoth, AZ. This story was so realistic it actually resulted in dozens of people calling businesses in Mammoth to see if it was actually true.
  • Rocking Horse Creek: A man thinks back to the circumstances that led to the death of his brother Teddy when they were children. This story is more tragedy than horror.
  • The Disappearance of Ashley Morgan: A girl tries to uncover what happened to her twin sister after she disappears.
  • Who Killed Sarah Cooper?: After finding the body of a child in the woods, a woman comes under suspicion.
  • The Doll House: A woman finds an extremely unusual and creepy house.
  • The Lost Town of Deepwood, Pennsylvania: A group of kids tries to find the titular town of Deepwood, only to discover that some things are best left alone.
  • Lake Kagachante: After the death of her parents, a young woman returns to her family's abandoned summer cabin, only to encounter the reason why they left in the first place.
  • The Pocket Watch: A tale of desperation and, more importantly, a father's love.



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More resources:
Whew, that's it. I'll update the OP if I come across more things I want to suggest.

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@Cosmic if you have the time, look up and decide upon adding Penpal by Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures) audio book. Both a personal favourite, cult classic and surprising enthralling detail. Also, thanks for the recommends homie :heart-full: just to clarify, I think the audio book is a different experience compared to sitting through rnosleeps on Penpal was all xx

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This wasn't necessarily a Halloween special, but it may as well have been.
I probably posted this last year too, but fuck it.

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So this is a long shot, but I'm trying to find a creepypasta that I read a year or two ago. Actually I think it was a Youtube video, but I can't remember which reader or who the original author was.

The parts I can remember are a guy discovering a passage in a house, and the passage goes on FOREVER. He makes all kind of attempts to explore and chart it, cameras, expeditions... and eventually he finds that the whole thing is radioactive and hiding some sort of dangerous artifact at the end. That sounds vague, but I'd for sure know it if I saw it.

That said, when I have a bit more time, I think I might have a few favorite stories to post.
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Creepy commercials have always fascinated me, and this one is the creepiest by far simply because of how unexplainable it is. What is a news report about martial law doing in an AARP commercial?

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So this is a long shot, but I'm trying to find a creepypasta that I read a year or two ago. Actually I think it was a Youtube video, but I can't remember which reader or who the original author was.

The parts I can remember are a guy discovering a passage in a house, and the passage goes on FOREVER. He makes all kind of attempts to explore and chart it, cameras, expeditions... and eventually he finds that the whole thing is radioactive and hiding some sort of dangerous artifact at the end. That sounds vague, but I'd for sure know it if I saw it.

That said, when I have a bit more time, I think I might have a few favorite stories to post.
It’s called “I just bought my childhood home”, but it’s been deleted off reddit.

MrCreepypasta’s reading of it’s still up though:

EDIT: It’s in @Cosmos’s post above too.
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If you have the time and at least a basic grasp of the Russian language, then I recommend you to visit Mrakopedia - basically the Russian version of the Creepypasta Wiki.
Байки от дедушки-следователя - a 2ch anon's retelling of a few particular mysterious cases described in his criminal investigator grandpa's notebook.
Пап, а кто стучит за стенкой? - a ventilation sweeper's encounter with something.
Курочка, открой дверь - a chicken farmer's attempt to find out just what has been stealing his chickens.
Окна домов - a university student's realization that the apartment block he lives in hides a dark secret.
И ныне и присно - an orphan and her extremely religious aunt's fight against a curse that threatens to claim their entire family.
Чудовища - a slave girl's life in a society of monsters.
Номера сотовых - one man's collection of allegedly haunted phone numbers.
Якутия (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) - a 2ch anon's dump of horror stories from the titular region of Yakutia.


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So as I said to @Cosmos before this thread went up, I have quite a few of my own stories I've gathered I wanted to share.

Here's a link to the stories I shared last year.

And this year's collection. I've copied Cosmos and bolded my favourites, but I love all these stories:

And here are some longer stories, i.e. ones that will take you two plus hours to read. Despite the length, these are well worth your time and highly recommended:

Here's a couple of stories I could only find as narrations:

Also, if you feel like throwing around some cash this Halloween, the author of Tales of the Gas Station has started writing a book series that expands on the original stories. I read Volume 1 earlier this year and loved it. I have Volume 2, but haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Elias Witherow has also written a book based on his Tommy Taffy stories. Again, can't recommend this enough. He's written other books too which you should check out if you like his work.
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Sweet we doin another creepy recommendation thing?

In order to avoid tapping away at my complete list of recommended spooky shit for several hours I will just recommend the first 2-3 things that pop into my mind for every genre/medium/whatever.

This doesn't make them the bestest possible entries or anything, just that these are what immediately sprung to mind when I thought of "horror"


The Horror from the Vault
- The FBI slowly pieces together the strange events that went down in a small town after local university students stumbled across a mysterious black sarcophagus in a cave.
*nothing too fancy here, just a boilerplate lovecraft flavoured creepypasta with relatively solid writing and a well tested concept. Has a pretty good sequel called "The Ash Cloud"*

Abandoned By Disney - An urban explorer breaks in to a long abandoned Disney theme park and discovers that Disney had a very good reason for shutting the place down
*ok I couldnt resist. despite being part of the "jeff the killer" generation of creepypastas that wound up being aped a billion times by hack autists and which wasnt really a masterpiece to begin with, not to mention the lolcow tier activity of the writer, it still has an entertaining concept and...atleast initially...was able to refrain from overexplaining everything which made it fairly spoopy in its time*

Borrasca - Kids growing up in a remote yet happy mountain town slowly uncover the truth about the local legend of the "skin men" and the mysterious disappearance of the main character's sister.
*unironically one of the best creepypastas I have ever read...unfortunately I cant tell you why because that will ruin the surprise.*


Doom 3 -
A lone marine finds himself caught in the midst of a demonic invasion after a teleportation experiment goes wrong
*yeah yeah I know, jumping on the reevaluation bandwagon here. Still in its original form and during your first playthrough, this game managed to do horror pretty damn well for its time*

Silent Hill 2 - After recieving a letter from his dead wife, a man travels to the fog shrouded town of silent hill to find answers
*not exactly helping my street cred as an obscure horror afficianado here. either way this game has the perfect depressive horror atmosphere and storytelling and the visuals hold up even now....which makes one forgive the cheesetastic lines*

Amnesia The Dark Descent - A man awakens in a silent castle with no memory of how he got there. Following notes he left for himself before losing his memory, he descends into the darkness of the castle, only to find out he is far from alone...
*kinda obligatory to put this here given how this shit largely redefined survival horror since 2010....for better and...ok well mostly for worse. still its a quality horror game in its own right*


The Nightmare Factory by Thomas Ligotti -
An ensable of lovecraft and poe inspired short stories dealing with multiple horror subgenres
*probably one of the better horror anthologies i have read...ok one of the only horror anthologies I have bothered to read as of the past few years, even if subhuman wil wheaton types have been loudly fawning over it in a most distressing way. Either way a solid collection of horror*

At the Mountains of Madness by HP Lovecraft - An expedition to a Antarctica uncovers the remnants of an ancient alien civilisation only to find out its inhabitants are not as dead as they seem
*first lovecraft story I ever read and the one I usually reread when the mood strikes me. I will warn you that lovecraft's writing is an acquired taste, but if you can withstand it you will be rewarded with a solid as hell story that has influenced speculative horror for nearly a century now*


Twin Peaks -
Popular high school girl Laura Palmer is found murdered in the town of Twin Peaks. An FBI agent is sent to investigate the murder, only to find out there is far more than meets the eye at work in the town
*mostly non horror but when it does do horror, it does it very well in a lynchian way. Also one of the few old 1990s properties to be rebooted and not ruined beyond repair*

Chernobyl - In the twilight years of the Soviet Union, the worst nuclear disaster in human history threatens not just the lives of countless people but to rip the flawed fabric of the country apart as authorities try to deny and cover up the truth of the catastrophe
*Grade A atmosphere and sound design combined with a good script, even if it was not 100% accurate to the disaster.*


haha no

Ok imma do one pick per subgenre

ZOMBIE - Night of the Living Dead - A woman visits her father's grave with her brother, only to quickly find herself running for her life as the recently deceased rise from the dead and hunt down the living
*yeah its black and white. yeah its cheesy by modern standards. yeah its been aped more than any horror film in history. I dont care, when I first saw this at age 8 it scared the shit out of me and even today it holds up just as well, even before you consider how important this film is in horror history*

SLASHER - Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1974 - While visiting her grandfather's abandoned old homestead in the Texas wilderness, a girl and her friends stumble across a seemingly derelict house and one by one venture inside, not knowing that someone is watching and waiting for them
*Either this or Halloween, chose this because while I love Halloween, Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the few movies to actually terrify me on a primal level due to the camera work and sound design, especially in the final act*

SCI-FI - The Thing - A research team in Antarctica stumble across the destroyed base of a fellow research group and slowly become aware that something alien and extremely dangerous has infiltrated their own camp
*Either this or Alien. Chose this because Alien was almost more of a haunted house story in structure and atmosphere, while this is purer sci fi horror and is more entertaining*

FOUND FOOTAGE - REC - A TV presenter rides along with a group of firemen she is filming for a documentary as they are called in to help police enter an apartment whose owner has been trapped within and is screaming in agony, only to realise far too late that the situation is far worse than any of them could have imagined.
*Toss up with this and Cannibal Holocaust. I chose this because its heavier on the spooky than the other film, although Cannibal Holocaust is technically the better film. Either way its probably the best found footage horror film of the 00s*

PSYCHOLOGICAL - The Shining - a recovering alcoholic takes a job as a caretaker of a remote mountain hotel during the winter alongside his wife and seemingly psychic son, only to slowly start losing his already fragile sanity as the isolation takes its toll, and strange events start happening as the bloody history of the hotel starts to drive the family insane
*probably my all time favourite horror film. not much more to say really other than that the deeper you look into the film and the subtext/metatext the creepier it becomes given how deliberate Kubrick was with everything he did*

GHOST - Ju-On The Curse/Ju-On The Grudge series - A collection of stories detailing the horrifying fates of an array of apparently unconnected people, all revolving around a seemingly normal suburban house that harbours a very dark secret
*yes I know I have been sperging about this for months now. blow me. I like it. First two entries are crudely shot and VHS quality, and overall the writing aint perfect, but it delivers raw and unpolished horror in generous quantities and at regular intervals which make this more enjoyable than it has any right to be*
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It’s called “I just bought my childhood home”, but it’s been deleted off reddit.

MrCreepypasta’s reading of it’s still up though:

EDIT: It’s in @Cosmos’s post above too.
You glorious bastard. That's the one. For whatever odd reason, I really love stories about strange buildings and architecture.

Here's a few of my favorites that I didn't see posted yet.

Onriyu - A project to discover human psychic potential goes badly wrong.
Demonic Teddy Bear for Sale - This was an actual, real life eBay auction years and years ago. I saw it and there are still a few scattered online news references to it. Can't remember what it sold for. Pretty much what it says in the title otherwise.
Ted the Caver - A hobbyist spelunker explores an increasingly strange and mysterious cave.
Quiet - Exploring a bizarre and alien structure on a remote island.
Fog - The eerie fate of an abandoned ship.
The Antiguan Giant - There are some things under the sea that are best left undisturbed...