The Crossover Wiki's of Forbidden Realm Episode I: Princess Yuna's Fuckery. -

Do you feel your sanity isn't impure enough? Do you feel that your inner body hasn't been torn away from your soul because the internet isn't cringe enough?

Then welcome to...


The series where we explore crossover wiki's from the glorious wikia site. Wherever it be shitty and mind-numbing crossover wiki's, shitty and mind-numbing crossover articles or actually good crossovers which trust me ain't gonna be the majority of this series. So here is how this is gonna work. I will introduce the crossover and basically give a short summary on what it's about. I will be going over it's pros and it's cons and I will give a 5 star rating at the end for a topic. Then we move onto the next do the same and so on. I suffered on the search to find as many I can gather and now you must too. Hellfire plays in the background as I watch as the world crumbles from the internet's cringe.

Today we are going to be looking at... DRUM ROLL!


Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 8.15.24 pm.png

Take My Little Pony, a popular franchise about talking ponies, magic and a fanbase usually consisting of man children. Now take Thomas The Tank Engine, a popular franchise about talking trains, a fantasy like but realistic story and a fanbase usually consisting of man children. Now get one of the canon characters from MLP, let's see uhh THIS ONE!
Princess Luna (MLP)

Now let's get one- No wait ALL OF THE CHARACTERS from TTTE and make them have a special ability that makes them turn into ponies. But let's get one of those characters specifically... HIM!
Hiro (TTTE)

Wait hold up I forgot something...

Okay there we go! Now get those two to meet up, fall in love, do the rule 34 and boom. You got Princess Yuna. That's how this abomination of a love child was born. All because a pony and a Train (Now Train/pony hybrid according to crossover logic) made love. God save us all...

OKAY. SO. what is this clusterfuck about? Well it's about a guy by the name of Iamnater5 and his tardy oc Yuna going on adventures across time, space and multiverses (Sound familiar?). Yep, it's another carbon copy of Pooh's Adventures as you have guessed. So much so that this shitshow even got a place on the Pooh's Adventures WIKI! Now. The plot? Is there a plot? Well yea but a terrible one. Let me show you words from the wiki itself...

"Princess Yuna begins her own adventures in Equestria and beyond along with all of her friends. But then, Bill Cipher, Grogar, and their Legion of Doom will seek any dark purposes from one world to another and steal any powerful artifacts and items to rule one universe to another with Armageddon and Weirdmageddon. But with some help from friends they can trust and the artifacts and the journals of Ford Pines, Yuna and her friends will accomplished everything to restore peace in all worlds."

This is basically what happens if you let the people behind Kingdom Hearts, go to the studio where Gravity Falls is being held, get everyone to take massive doses of heroin and go "Hey. Let's do this. Let's make this idea work." Perfect.

Everything else is just a bland acid trip. Pointless OC's and characters, fanfiction bullshit galore. 10,000 pages of this shit is noble to the canon and it makes your skin crawl at why they keep doing these things (At least it's not as bad as the page count for Pooh's Adventures...). If you want to check this shitshow out yourself here is the link. Have fun and remember your bleach kiddos!

As for the rest of you who are smart enough to stay away. Let's head for the Pros and Cons.

  • Unlike Pooh's Adventures where the reason these characters show up is because potatoes. Princess Yuna has an actual idea and REASON on how these characters show up. Congrats. You mastered storytelling Iamnater5.
  • The series is kept alive through fanfiction instead of terrible videos that take at least 5 years to get done.
  • There is SOME original stories. It's pretty scarce but it's there at least.
  • Despite their being original episodes and stories here and there. You guessed it. The writing is shit.
  • Every 5 seconds each edit you make is changed into what Iamnater5 wants. Even the slightest edit is changed or undone. There is no escape.
  • The characters just go on and on about exposition bullshit and cultural references nobody cares about.
  • Sometimes these series aren't even ABOUT the titular character herself. Instead it's just some side character. So at this point it's just being another copy and paste of PA's wiki.
  • Every other plot device either is bullshit or just makes you have a migraine.
  • I still don't want to touch on the question of how trains and ponies can reproduce...
  • Grammar is shit at times, but not as bad as Pooh's Adventures though.
Now comes the final results. The grading. We will be judging on three topics. Bullshit plot devices, mind numbing presentation, insult and creator's insanity. Each will be scored from 1 to 10 Chris Chan's. One being the least horrfic and 10 being the most. We will add all of those up and give the final score out of 40.

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Well. That's it for today's episode. Hope you now realise how numb your brain is after finding out about the origin of train and pony sex. Tune in next time for more fuckery and existential dread! And make sure to get your bleach ready!

- Frooloophasspoken.