The CWCki Forums Third Annual Secret Santa *CLOSED*

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Roger Rabbit

A rabbit who should die
Sep 2, 2013
Name: RogerRabbit1988
Likes: Old cartoons, video games, Weird Al, The Marx Bros, The Three Stooges.
Dislikes: You.
Fun fact about me: I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.
Can you be a miracle worker: Yeah.

EI 903

Name: Hellblazer

Likes: Doctor Who, MST3k, comics (Sandman, Hellblazer, Power Girl, Preacher, Punisher, more), Stephen King, Joe Hill, Neil Gaiman, HP Lovecraft, Poe, the SF Giants, various magic nonsense (don't believe, but it interests me), deleting shitposts

Dislikes: shitty slasher movies, bad comedies, anything with a laugh track, people who use 'irregardless,' people whose entire lives revolve around weed

Fun fact about me: I'm 28 and have never seen It's A Wonderful Life, despite loving Jimmy Stewart movies.

Can you be a miracle worker?: Sure, especially if said miracles don't require me to wear pants.


He's just this guy, you know?
True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
Name: ChurchOfGodBear

Likes: Comic books, vidya from the 80s, boobs

Dislikes: forced memes, MS
Windows, Cole Smithey

Fun Fact About Me: I'm an awesome cook

Can you be a Miracle Worker?:


The Charles Dickens of Disco
True & Honest Fan
May 25, 2013
Any chance we could get this pinned to the main discussion like it was last year? Almost didn't see it here in Off-Topic. Anyway, I'm game.

Name: _blank_ (Just pronounced as "blank," not "underscore blank underscore," you cute moppet, you.), or CWC_blank (Quick Blank) if you catch me somewhere not on these forums.

Likes: Phil Collins, Stoner rock (Clutch), Symphonic Metal (Blind Guardian), Garth Ennis comics, Brian Bolland illustrations, "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty, Max Headroom, Archer, the smell of rain on concrete, Kris Kristofferson, The Brotherhood of Steel, and vidya or all colors and sizes (with the exception of CoD, Madden, and FF).

Television, willful ignorance, emery boards, Ann Coulter, the number 28.

Fun Fact About Me: I have a movie-sized poster of the cover of The Killing Joke on my office door, a human skull next to my desk, and a replica of the Master Sword hanging in my office. People tend to not give me too much shit.

Can you be a Miracle Worker?: Yes


Queen of the Couch-Fort
Sep 17, 2013
Name: Poison Ivy

Likes: Zelda, Borderlands, Batman, resident evil (or any survival horror game honestly), Celtic woman, any instrumental music, sewing, drawing, and ball jointed dolls (and accessories!).

Dislikes: generic RPGs (final fantasy, etc), Alien from the movie Aliens, most new anime.

Fun fact about me: About half of my life, I was kind of a jock. I played a fuck ton of sports but still managed be really nerdy and play tons of vidya. I had snuck a game boy on the course while I was trying out for the junior PGA when I was 15.

Can you be a Miracle Worker?: I can certainly try :)

Mauvman Shuffleboard

Space Friend of the People
True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
Name: Mauvman

Likes: Engrish, cheap ripoffs, robots and/or cops, anything that can be described as "totally radical," space and things from there and beyond, things that are actually funny, bees, cats, some forms of dog (the good ones), Kabukiman, lots of other stuff that I don't remember.

Dislikes: Excess, rabbits, art that pretends to have a meaning but is actually just a thinly veiled load of shit, the shitty kinds of dog (especially pugs), lewdness, seriousness.

Fun fact about me: I only own a single pair of pants, which is reserved for emergencies.

Can you be a miracle worker: Totes.


Kiwi Farms Produce Inspector
Feb 3, 2013
Sure! I did it last year ( BY THE WAY SOME JERK! IT WAS MEEeeeeeeeeeee...)

Name: Venusaur
Likes: Pokemon, video games, art, knitting, drawing, mystery-horror-sci-fi stories, nail art, monsters, kaiju, booze, cooking and animals.
Dislikes: Poems, centipedes.
Fun Fact About Me: My two favorite animals are sloths and manatees and I have been able to hang out with both in irl (not at the same time.)
Can you be a Miracle Worker?: No....I'll probably be busy doing family stuff. So whatever time I have I'll focus it on this gift.

Dr. Meme

Hardworking Libertarian Trans Woman
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Aug 25, 2013
Name: Dr. Teem
Likes: cute guys, video games (MOTHER series and no more heroes), memes,
Dislikes: catparty (f u fartparty), not going fast, memes that are old enough to be pop culturally relevant but new enough to be obnoxious
Fun Fact About Me: smash bros champ
Can you be a Miracle Worker?:Not on my schedule


To the pure, all things are pure.
Mar 2, 2013
Name: cheersensei

Likes: Star Trek (Preferably The Next Generation and DS9), Dungeons and Dragons, The Dresden Files, Dr. Who, Karl Pilkington, owls, rabbits, Daleks, MST3K (Tom Servo is my personal favorite), dogs, art, music, poetry, sewing/crafting/beadwork, Halo, Legend of Zelda, history, chainmail, Transformers, hiking, camping, generally being outdoors.

Dislikes: Bronies, MLP, tryhards, general unforgiving laziness, short tempers, being rushed, too much of a smart ass (there's a fine line between being funny and being an asshole.) pain.

Fun fact: I'm really easy going. I'm not one to complain much. You'll usually find me on the receiving end of bad things with my dwarven fighter in our D&D adventure, but I'm able to laugh it off.

Can you be a miracle worker: Sadly, with the new job opportunity, I doubt I will be able to. I would honestly loved to while I have downtime.

Andrew Noel Schaefer

Mentally ill goblin who only talks about soda.
Person of Interest
Jan 6, 2014
Now I have a butt ton of extra steam keys from the humble bundle.

Shame thats against the rules there.

Jun 10, 2014
Name: Deadson
Likes: Star trek, TSFH music, Halo, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, drawing/painting/arts and crafts kinds of things, jewelry making, crocheting, cooking/baking, animals, anime.
Dislikes: "Nice" guys, sjws, tumblr, insects and arachnids, assholes with attitudes, zombies (not as in afraid of them, but as in I'm rather annoyed with the franchises now trying to milk the zombie teat dry), politics, weed, role playing assholes.
Fun Fact: I'm an excellent cook at work, but I really hate the environment that I'm in.
Can you be a miracle worker: I can certainly try, but with the busy season already here, I may be only to get a couple of gifts out.
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True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
I had a really fun time with last year's secret Santa, so of course I'll do it again!

Name: darkhorse816

Likes: Writing, The Beatles (John and George), Queen, David Bowie, The Mighty Boosh, Mad Men, Battlestar Galactica (the re-imagined), wired hair fox terriers, One Piece, Super Sentai, Velvet Goldmine, the Venture Bros, warm weather, sweet cider, massages, Bill Hader's Stefon, avant-garde art, Mystique, Ace Attorney, John Waters, Sci-fi, anti-heroes, Keanu Reeves, Bruce Lee, cosplaying, dressing up, hugs, either really good movies (Goddard's Breatheless) or really bad movies (The Room). Oh, and karaoke. I'm obsessed with karaoke.

Dislikes: MRAs, being called a whore for dressing up as Dr. Girlfriend on Halloween, the color pink, Fundies (the Duggar family included), Scientologists, Adam Sandler, Chuck Lorre, Chuck Norris jokes, the show "Girls", the words "bae" "butthurt" "awesomesauce" and "froyo." Nice Guys (tm), the HAES movement, Political Correctness, people who are easily offended, pretentious people, homophobes, creeps, weens.

Fun Fact About Me: I'm Double Jointed, to the point where I'm not aware that it looks like I'm dislocating my arm.

Can You Be a Miracle Worker: I'd love to, but I don't know what my schedule will be up until then, so no...


Slayer of the Love-Shys
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Feb 3, 2013
Name: Saney
Likes: Halo, Star Wars, XCOM, Dresden Files, Regular Show, pangolins, cats, Dangan Ronpa, Red vs. Blue
Dislikes: Loveshies. Mandalorians. Fandalorians. Karen Traviss. If my SS writes me a long, detailed critique on why the Republic Commando series is a piece of shit or a spitefic where a Jedi rebukes all of Traviss-mouthpieces' criticisms of them, I will let you shitpost and A-log all you want.
Fun Fact About Me: I look like McLovin.
Can you be a Miracle Worker?: No, sorry.
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Dissertation Topic: Lolcows
True & Honest Fan
Jan 9, 2014
Name: Dr.Research
Likes: Reading, vikings/ Norwegian stuff, strange things, the brain, psychology, biology, Type O Negative, Metalocalypse, The Sims, Harry Potter (I'm a Slytherin!)
Dislikes: Idiots, emos, math, pretentious douches, one-uppers, the heat, sexists, homophobes, the "pro-life" movement
Fun Fact About Me: I'm living in Norway for a few months.
Can you be a Miracle Worker?: No
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José Mourinho

The Special One
Forum Staff
Global Moderator
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Feb 3, 2013
Count me in. I'll try my best to be as early as possible.

Name: Alan Pardew
Likes: Video games (especially open world sandboxes (POSTAL 2 or other GTA lookalike games) and simulation ones with good modding support (Plague Inc. Evolved, Game Dev Tycoon are examples) ), Nintendo, lolcow dramas, association football, music, game shows, Pokemon (especially Fennekin and Eevee or other cute ones etc.) etc. (There's quite a lot of stuff I like I can't list all of them, these are my most favorite ones)
Dislikes: Really nothing much, but if I had to choose one it would be last year's: "Fetishes"
Fun Fact About Me: I know the Chinese language.
Can you be a Miracle Worker?: No

Feb 5, 2013
Sure, why not?

: hellbound
Likes: Engineering, beef, vikings (the Norse, not the sports team), death metal, progressive metal, hardcore punk, mathcore, metalcore, fossils, evolution, sea creatures, strawberries, big tits, guns, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Portal, Portal 2, MGS 2-4, Skyrim, aircraft, seagoing vessels of any variety, cold war history, especially military and espionage, Tom Clancy novels
Dislikes: pretentiousness, feces, social "sciences", polyester, SJWs (see pretentiousness)
Fun Fact About Me: I don't drink anymore
Miracle worker?: Nope


Nigga that's kawaii
May 8, 2013
Name: Himawari
Likes: Pogeymans, Ace Attorney, Hatoful Boyfriend, Hetalia (yeah i know), other dumb animu, scarves, the color pink, cute things
Dislikes: not much. Glasslip.
Fun Fact About Me: nigga i'm kawaii
Can you be a Miracle Worker?: Probably not, but if you're in a bind and have run out of Miracle Workers, shoot me a message. Can't promise I'd be able to, but I might.

ON 190

Name: flossman
Likes: whiskey, reading fanfic, guitar, coffee, Tom Waits, motherfucking Fallout, recording podcasts (which I need to start doing again), Doctor Who, watching Let's Plays
Dislikes: warm weather, any time before 8 AM (srsly), teenagers who are annoying on the bus, menthol cigarettes, racism/homophobia/general intolerance, thinking of things I don't like.(:_(
Fun Fact: I've built 6 guitars so far, and @Cyan says everyone is gay for me.
Miracle Worker: No, sadly.


voilà la guimbarde
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Apr 11, 2014
Name: Zeorus
Likes: Music (especially classical and folk), American history, radical left politics, theology, fantasy/sci-fi literature
Dislikes: Idiots, bigots, pretentiousness, crowds, SJWs, pop music
Fun Fact About Me: I read academic journals for fun.
Can you be a Miracle Worker?: Sadly, no. *sigh*
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