Diseased The Daily Stormer - If White Nationalism wore hipster glasses

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Is this a catastrophe of freedom of expression?

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  • Take this shit to the Supreme Court! They'll sort it out!

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  • Something something private companies

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Thanks much! @AnOminous that cleared up a lot and I was getting a migraine sifting through a year of Anglin's bullshit.

SO what I saw in the videos on the Stormer was some Sasquatch looking dude ( possibly a large woman or troon) waddling around in the middle of the night with intent to lynch bananas. Taylor didn't do this herself but I still can't call a stupid racist prank a "hate crime" unless bananas are a protected minority, in which case it's just a hate crime against perfectly good fruit. And after reading the article and watching the video posted by @Super-Chevy454 the harassment was all online and mostly on Twitter. At any point Taylor could have just blocked and/or reported all the account harassing her and that would have been the end of it. Personally I'm still on the fence about the banana thing being a shitty college prank or being a fabricated controversy, I just can't tell at this point, however Anglin being a complete turbo-sped certainly made a mountain out of a very dumb molehill.

This whole incident has led to a really interesting debate on where do we draw the line between free speech ( as in free to be a fucking dumbass) and harassment. I personally don't believe someone popping in on Twitter and saying some stupid racist shit once or twice is harassment, it is however pretty fucking weak and stupid.With online harassment the victim has more control than with physical in-person forms of harassment. At any point, depending on the platform, the victim can block the harassers, report them to mods/admins, or just go private with their profile for awhile. Now if one of these people show up at your home or is dropping things off at your doorstep then call the fucking cops because we've gone far beyond getting PM'd "lol fag" at that point.

Also Anglin looks like a malnourished ginger Maddox and should never be taken seriously, Taylor's civil lolsuit only won because McCarty didn't have the financial resources to fight it in spite of no real crime ( beyond being a sped) was committed, and we need to stop the senseless murder of innocent bananas.
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@RadicalCentrist @AnOminous @Love Soze Any of you have access to pacer? Im curious to see what he specifically did or is alleged to have done.

I imagine there was some serious shit involved if she managed to get a settlement. Either that or ratting out the other two was easier than fighting a lawsuit.
Nope, sorry. I think the only hope would be Rekieta Law. Start tagging him on Twitter, maybe he will do a video.
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Were they like "go harass this nigger" or was it more subtle? And it's not a binary result either. It might range from 100% culpable to 0% to anywhere in between.
Are we talking about the same website that tap-danced on Heather Heyer's grave calling her a "fat childless slut?" These people are most likely 1488% not-subtle about harassing some uppity black college woman.
I'm sorry but your argument just doesn't scan on any grounds besides 'I think that sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me'. This is not something that psychologists even question any longer; words and intentions do have a demonstrable effect on people's mental and physical well-being. You're just cherry-picking examples of worst-case scenarios to justify a Star Trek Prime Directive style 'we can't touch a child in a burning car because if they survive, that child might grow up to be the next Hitler!' hands-off approach that directly serves your own agenda.
I wouldn’t touch that child because I’m not a pedophile.


As usual it's still up on Tor, and he's finding yet another hosting setup:
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The replies on his post lamenting the lack of freedom are interesting as they highlight fracturing in the far right after Trump won:
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"What will do you when [totally impractical threat with zero probability of ever happening] happens? Nothing, that's what, you impotent Kike!"

1488/10 for self-awareness there for our boy KillTheJews
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Why are you running?
The site is down again.

Is it possible that what happened in New Zealand will kick them out of the normieweb again like when that gorl died in Charlottesville? Are both things related to each other?
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