The Death of Buck Rogers in #Comicsgate

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Oct 5, 2020
Since some of you farmers love to suck some @FROG dick , you can really impress him with Garth Brooks songs (he's probably too shy to want do some covers on his channel)

I like music, I like comics, and they go well together

That's why Anime got popular, they have AMV's, you know why Anime kinda sux now? It's because the AMV's purged by pure greed and all that free advertisement went with it

A country music concert at the Fan Fest with Garth Brooks covers would be cool

Americana is coming back in a big way, country music is Americana, comic books are Americana

*EDIT* FARMING (YOU) is Americana

Newman's Lovechild

Ah ah ah, you didn't say the magic word.
Sep 24, 2020
Since some of you farmers love to suck some @FROG dick

Have you been studying this like I told you?


I wouldn't double post if I could find how to insert quotes in edits.

Oct 5, 2020

Is this a boomer comic thread yet?

Lot of boomer humor going on last week with the E-JACKass's of CG

Summer of love is over for the boomers and soon they will be also be gone from this Earth forever. I wonder if GenX or Zoomers will have a summer of love after this long winter

Winter is coming, those are just not the Stark words, that's a fact

We march to victory. Or we march to defeat. But we go forward; only forward.​

*EDIT* Fandom menace (and Anna) are sell swords, they are loyal to nothing but gold

*EDIT* What is Anti-mimesis?

*EDIT* Yep it is autistic to be a fan of ancient philosophical positions, we used to be called 'nerds' in the 1980's before Big Bang Theory made it cool in 2007 (POSERS)

*EDIT* One good thing about this whole 'CIVIL WAR' is maybe the Enternal September will finally end and creators can create shit again without ditch diggers getting in the way

*EDIT* CG is nothing to me but another battle in the Enternal September War, this year is the first year I bought a comic book, and I only did because I believe you can win this battle

*EDIT* Al Gore didn't invent the Internet, he invented a war against creators like @FROG by tearing down a 'wall' , CG is just 'part' of it

*EDIT* In a way, you are trying building another 'wall' with CG, however ditch diggers (Like @CapeKnight <--EAT SHIT ) are not going to let you do that... Anti-mimesis

*EDIT* What caught my attention of CG was that @FROG caught the attention of Jordan Peterson (12 Rules), clean your room

*EDIT* Since I probably 'hurt your feelings' you can dox my food, I had a little bit of chicken fried tonight in a fast food place and sweet tea (maybe I'll have a cold beer Friday night)

*EDIT* Add @NasserRabadi13 to my ditch digger list, the world needs them too, however you can get out of way of creators like @FROG ('Like' that bitch)

*EDIT* Back to my dinner dox, I can tell you one other thing, it was not a Cuck-Fil-A

*EDIT* Look at this reply and then look what's going on with this 'boomer' Enternal September Election, no one really cares about CG here, you are posers as far as I can tell. These boomers better enjoy it cause this is their last one, it's time for my generation (GENERATION STRANGE), the boomer's time is over after this election / WINTER

*EDIT* AND THERE'S MORE, this is just a MAD MAN changing the conversation, you farmers can take it or leave it or censor it like the boomers do to us at every chance they can get. Their time is going to up soon, this is our time now

*EDIT* BTW I'm just having fun with you farmers, I am really for the lulz, @Null am I in the right place for a laugh? I seen you on the KiWi lawyer show, you seem really cool, I'm just a space cowboy btw, cowboys allowed here on your farm? I only got to know about your KiWi lawyer when @FROG went on his show btw

*EDIT* Just in case I'm 'cancel' on your farm, all I have to say is :

*EDIT* And I only say that cause one of your admins said I would be threadbanned if I keep it up, I stand my ground, for all you know Buck Rogers is living in an underground bus in the Pine Barrens wondering why a @FROG was fucking around there for

*EDIT* AND THERE'S MORE, keep me around, I'll add music to your life, crazy ass rants like this, if you meet me irl I'll buy you a beer, I like you farmers, even the ditch diggers like @NasserRabadi13 , sometimes ditch diggers become creators, but they have to go thru an ordeal

*EDIT* Ditch / GOLD diggers like @CapeKnight can still EAT SHIT though

*EDIT* If you think I'm glow in the dark beekeeper, I would pretend to be a girl, and honey dick you live on YouTube (Like how Charlie's London is currently fucking you bitches right now), BTW I'm not gay cowboy just in case you had any dirty pizza slut thoughts @FROG

*EDIT* AND THERE'S MORE, I actually do miss @QuarantinedCoof , I hope he beats whatever disease he claims to have, I would be really interested assessment of the current state of CG, he likes Anime, and CG is only a degree away. Who knows, maybe we are neighbors in our underground busses in the Pine Barrens and just don't know it yet.
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