The Decline of the Weeb-Wars Board - A cautionary tale of why you shouldn't get too invested in cows


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The weeb wars board is a board on the website dedicated to laughing and cataloging the shitshow surrounding the Vic Mignogna lawsuit case. It was founded and managed by mod and kiwi good girl Emspex, or should I say former Mod but we'll get to that in a bit. She extorted asked Null for the creation of the board because the original community thread for this topic was moving and hyper-autistic speeds. We're talking on average around 10-20 pages per day. Few of those pages were filled with the fluff and stupid shit but a majority of the time it was filled with great content. Eventually that same content was expedited into their own threads and eventually the forum started producing cows like clockwork.

This was what I considered the golden age of the Weeb-Wars board. The quality of cows were absolutely nothing to sneeze at. You had the typical jew threatening Null with copyright shit and then you had a literal human navyseal copypasta. It was attracting all types of retards across the autism spectrum. At this time, the average user would either post content or doxes with the exception of commentary every now and then. The rate at which doxing was happening was so frequent that and entire separate thread was created for that singular purpose. The doxing was accurate and clean that even this cow who went full DFE still got cataloged into the DoxeDex. The user base was great back then too. If you were to post anything outside of those parameter you would be brutally insulted and neg-rated by everyone on the board. It was fun times filled with laughs and......


This is the prediction warning our Dear Leader gave to everyone on the board. I also want you to remember this as I get into the rotting faggotry that plagued the board.

Now what ruined the weeb wars board? What made it so that the average kiwi user didn't want to associated with it anymore? I want to preface this next part by saying it's ok to be a fan of some of the people involved in this shitshow. Some of them are very talented people who also has tons of charisma to match. However, issues start to arrive when you transform from a simple fan into a cheer leading faggot sucking that person's proverbial dick whenever the chance arises. What makes things worse is that people all of sudden got law degrees and developed an expertise in civil procedure overnight. This started to become very obnoxious for the average user who just wanted to go there laugh at cows. Now my theory as to why this happened is because Nick and Ty senpai acknowledged Kiwi-Farms in several livestreams.

This only got worse as people started to get personally involved into this mess. Several #kickvic lolcows started false flagging pro-vic twitter accounts. This is pretty much their standard operating procedure for these types of people because a majority of them are of the SJW persuasion. They would even go on twitter and post screenshots of them reporting other people's twitter like faggots. Naturally, of course people on the pro-vic side started doing this as well. Unfortunately some kiwi-farmers started to partake in this faggotry as well too. They would flag twitter accounts and self-rightgeously tell everyone they did so, like faggots.

Now I would be doing a huge diservice if I didn't talk about one of most infamous faggots on the board JosephTX. JosephTX was what @Bryan Dunn is to the Internet Famous board. An attention-whoring faggot (mother fuckers even look like to some extent). Only the weeb wars board can give birth to an a-logging faggot like him. Then he started playing telephone for cows on twitter violating one of the few rules we have on the site which is never seek direct interaction with cows. Then he took it to the next level and implied that he wanted to fight Ronald Toye (a lolcow on the board) for being a wife beater and a domestic abuser. Ironically enough he was a domestic abuser himself.

It got even worse because the weeb wars user base at time was unironically encouraging him to go on this autistic escapades. Some even offered monetary funding :story::


We have gone from simple archiving and doxing people to false flagging twitter accounts and funding a-logs. Now I know what you're thinking. How does this gets worst?



This is autism in it's base form. And to go even beyond!!!!!!!!!

Over the months people started to get more and more emotionally invested in this case. They wanted to see justice triumph over the evil #kickvic'ers. There were literally pages of "Judge Chupp thot patrol" and people making self-righteous page long effort posts about how #kickvic is in for a rude awakening and the people involved were going to get what was coming to them. But that didn't happened. Now whether you agree or disagree about Judge Chupp's ruling on the case isn't point of contention I have in this part (Personally I'm still surprised the TI part was thrown out). The reactions people had to the rulings were priceless. #KickVic accounts (or possibly just plain trolls) flooded the TCPA thread with bad news for Vic. The spergery went on for pages. The Pro-Vic side was handed a massive L and the Pro-Vic Kiwi's simply just couldn't handle it and dropped their spaghetti all over the board.


You thought the autism stopped there? So did I. When I said don't get too personally or emotionally invested in cows? Well, another Weeb Wars board user and local looney troon @Immaculate Ape got itself doxed by a cow. Apparently he worked or was a staff member for a con that Vic was planning on attending. It wanted to help it's idol irl. The mother fucker made an entire thread dedicated to shilling his gay little con.

Of course there's no way this dox is real. It's just a dumb lolcow mad at the internet and is now trying to faildox users again....oh wait.

Ok so the evil #kickvic'ers doxed us but who cares!

Don't fuck with ape he's /ourtroon/!

And of course these tards think that all of this is a gay op.

Local Kiwi-Pot stirrers @Dyn and @tuscangarder are now feasting on the remaining corpse's of that board.


More here: http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu...d.onion/threads/opposition-bloc.67280/page-10


Emspex had to lock the thread temporarily because people couldn't get their shit together. Null didn't miss the chance to poke fun at the spergery either. This image I posted earlier:

was posted in place of the board rules for a day or two.

Instead of simply enjoying the fire and laughing at the entire situation they cried like bitches and chased off a lot of good users with their faggotry. Speaking of chasing off good users it is speculation that due to this fallout and several other things, emspex retired as mod from the board because she was horrified at the autistic Frankenstein she created.


The moral of the story here is to never get to invested in any cows. Don't embarrass yourself.



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Domo Arigato
I'm more surprised the board hasn't produced more halals from it like the Entersphere did.

With all the sperging going around on both sides, I would have assumed at least a few Farmers would have gotten their dox revealed.


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did you just start an entire thread to whine about the behavior of autists while talking about something exceptional

A lot of people are telling me that I missed a lot more autism. The thing is there is a lot of shit the shift through in that board and I just can't be bothered into finding everything.

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Invite the Twitter, become the Twitter. There's probably a bunch of autists slapdicking the report button here for good boy points too.

She extorted asked Null for the creation of the board
I wish to know more.