The Decline of the Weeb-Wars Board - A cautionary tale of why you shouldn't get too invested in cows


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I always thought the Weeb wars section was just a place to corral all the anime degenerates (including kiwi members) into, not this Vic thing exclusively.

Also did not read past the first paragraph, due to weebery autism and the inkling that it will just reveal how the farms are going to be micromanaged to hell.


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I still barely understand what weeb wars is about.
Vic being canned by Funimation for false sexual harrassment allegations causing him less to no chance to be hired by any other US anime branch to do VA work. And then became about texas court dismissing Vics counter claim or something. Ie. It's just a clusterfuck of a thread.


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It was founded and managed by mod and kiwi good girl Emspex, or should I say former Mod but we'll get to that in a bit. She extorted asked Null for the creation of the board
i also didn't see a follow-up on this or a single shred of proof so OP basically looks like a huge baby lol. petition to move this to some whiner shitting street thread


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i also didn't see a follow-up on this or a single shred of proof so OP basically looks like a huge baby lol. petition to move this to some whiner shitting street thread
The extorted part was a joke. It was poking fun at the fact that the only way that Null would create a board that bad is if someone extorted him.

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Weeb Wars was always doomed to be a festering pit from the beginning, tbh. You get a bunch of socially maladjusted weebs + anti-SJWs desperate for relevancy against the Twitter socjus woke brigade, what did you think was going to ultimately happen?

It was a lot of fun in the early days. We were turning over rocks and finding lolcows daily. But, eventually, the well ran dry. Also, folks got waaaaay to invested into it. During it's downfall you would get negrated for "fuck anime. fuck vic. chaotic neutral." type posts. Some of us knew it was dying and tried to right the ship. But it was too late.
Only thread I've ever checked on that board is Armzgurl's. Lanky Kong is always good for a laugh. Don't give a fuck about anything else there.
I still pop in to check up on ljmontello and her latest crusade to purge the con circuit of undesirables. Her thread has actually gotten better because word is out among conventions that she is a lunatic crazy person and she is not taking being rebuffed very well.
Lol, I never saw that JosephTX was revealed to be an abuser himself. Good work @zedkissed60. Right about the time he dropped the Ron docs and then he got really weird in the immediate following flurry of posts is when I pretty much stopped going into the board.
He threw up a few red flags before that. Something about shooting people and getting away with it. Dude was massively unstable and confrontational. Not in the spirit of mocking retards on the internet at all. To him it was personal... for some reason.

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Weeb Wars did go to shit around the initial court hearing in October, there weren't any new interesting lolcows and the board was full of both blackpill and "chaotic neutral" posting to the point of being insufferable. It's gotten slightly better, but not by much.

The board's still in decline and I don't think it will ever be as entertaining as it was before the TCPA hearing back October.

Just delete the board and ban everyone who posted in it.
A lot of the regulars on the Farms (myself included) were posting in it a lot during the early days when it was a lolcow goldmine, and I'll admit I still lurk the Weeb Wars board from time to time.

Banning everyone who posted in it would depopulate half the site, especially since a lot of the early Kick Vic posts from the Community Watch thread got moved there.

First part, yes. The story is over anyway.

Second part, no. Culture warriors are hilarious regardless of the side they're on.
I don't think the story is over yet, but it's definitely winding down. Now everyone's just waiting for the appeals to be done with.

Once the appeals phase is over, then it'll be officially dead and that would be the best time to officially close the board. The appeals are the last shoe to drop in all of this.


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A lot of people are telling me that I missed a lot more autism. The thing is there is a lot of shit the shift through in that board and I just can't be bothered into finding everything.
So, the TL;DR thread isn't TL;DR for you?
I'm trying to nail down the events as they happen, but the actual lawsuit is in a lull due to appeals process.

Anyways, I believe the eventual fate of the Weeb Wars subforum is to be sent to the Spergatory and the lolcow threads sent to Lolcow, Internet Famous, and Community Watch subforums.
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Wasn't there someone who made some Spergy post about needing to take a break from reading about weeb wars because it was affecting her life and health?
Yes, here's her stupid twitter that was hilariously easy to find


she believes that marzgurl's mother's ghost saved her life and has a legitimately disturbing obsession with hero hei