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Sardines are great for a simple lunch on buttered toast, add some capers if you've got 'em. I like the ones packed in hot sauce, but you can use whatever they are packed in to boost the flavor.


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Because vendaces fished locally are better than tinned sardines, price and tastewise.

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Actually, they don't taste half bad when you have something with it. And if you're really hungry, just eat them from the tin, fuck it!
If you're REALLY desperate, use those shitty tinned sardines or whatever in a pasta with a store bought jar of tomato sauce, that's the true white nigger way of doing it.

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Just remember to throw the tin in a ziplock bag before throwing it away unless you like your kitchen filled the smell two-weeks-unwashed snatch
I threw an empty tin out in my office at work before it got corona'd down last month, and asked a coworker to take my garbage bin out for collection on the last day because I wasn't there. I've been paranoid what awaits me if she failed in this task...